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2015 TOCICO International Conference

Executive Track Keynote Presentation

Sunil Mistry
Vice President (Motors)
Bharat Bijlee Ltd.

Sanjay Ghoshal
Founding Director

Transforming the Sales Force during Economic Downturn
September 6, 2015

Presentation Goal: To share the journey of transformation of a sales force, which primarily operated in a capacity constrained situation for a long time, into an effective sales machine.

Material Covered in the Presentation:

  • What needed to be changed?
    • Laid back Sales force – Their time was primarily spent on following up with the factory and handling delivery complaints
    • After TOC implementation, both availability for MTA and DDP for MTO improved dramatically increasing the sales initially without much effort
    • While capacity constraint got removed and first time the Sales team came under some sales pressure, the economy went through a depression and after 11 years of continuous growth, the market tanked
    • Immediate sales drop experienced and some people left the organization
    • The sales force had no clue about the end customers, and they were at the mercy of the Distribution channel
    • Once the availability and DDP improved, the channel took the advantage by reducing their inventory, but did not support in terms of sales increase
    • In the times of economic slowdown, the Inventory Turn offer did not find many takers
  • What was the intended future state?
    • Global measurements based on Secondary sales
    • Enabling the sales force by freeing up their time
    • Replenishment based supplies to channel partners
    • Regular training to the sales force
    • A culture of weekly review of the lead and the lag measures
  • How was the transformation accomplished?
    • Inventory Turns Competitive Edge Offer to channel partners
    • Measurement Alignment across the Business Enterprise
    • Sales organization realignment was done
    • Value offers created and sales force trained
    • Secondary sales reporting was made mandatory
    • Dealer Scorecards implemented with regular fortnightly interactions with the Dealers
What were the lessons learned?
  • Successes
    • During the slowdown, the company was able increased its share by almost 5%
    • Higher Throughput due to less discounts
    • Dramatic improvement in the Dealers confidence
    • The receivables was brought down from more than 100 days to around 65 days – all this during a challenging situation of economic depression
  • Challenges & obstacles during the journey.
    • Getting the sales team to change from primary to secondary market working
    • Breaking away from the old measurements and paradigms i.e. primary sales to secondary sales
    • Getting Dealers accept the IT offer
    • Because of Over Capacity situation, the Inventory Turns offer was not very attractive
    • Making sure daily Dealers communication about secondary sales
    • Ensuring replenishment to Dealers

SUNIL MISTRY is the Vice President (Motors) with Bharat Bijlee Ltd. – A Leading Indian AC Motor manufacturer. He leads the AC Motors Business Unit.

Prior to joining Bharat Bijlee, Sunil was with Siemens Ltd. Where he had a career spanning over 20 years & he grew from a management trainee to General Management; and in Schneider Electric where over a span of 10 years he led the Industrial Controls Business Unit to market leadership and was also actively involved in the acquisitions made in India.

Sunil has a rich cross-functional variety of experience, which includes Sales, Marketing, Business, Development and Strategic Planning. He has a rich and diverse global experience, which spans across Europe (Germany), South East Asia (Singapore) ad South Africa Johannesburg).

In the last 33 years of his career he has played a significant role in building and changing the competitive position of both sunrise as well as mature businesses. HE has led several acquisitions, integration of acquisitions, building strategic alliances, and expansion of global product portfolio.

SANJAY GHOSHAL is one of the founding directors of Avenir, a management-consulting firm with focus on significant and sustainable growth through implementation of breakthrough solutions. He has more than 19 years of consulting experience in working with large as well as medium sized organizations across the world.

His clients include Philips NV, Netherlands; Philips Mobile Display System, Hong Kong; Atlanta Pharma (now Nicomed), Germany; Dynegy, USA; Homex, Mexico; Dalmia Cements Group; Electrosteel Castings Limited; Godrej Industries Group; Godrej & Boyce Group; Tata Group; Infrastructure Development and Finance Company Limited; Gujarat gas, Bharat Petroleum Corporation, Ashok Piramil Group; Bharat Bijlee where he has been involved in leadership and strategic interventions.

Sanjay has worked personally with Dr. Eli Goldratt in expanding the TOC knowledge base in the areas of Operations and Supply Chain. He has led many projects in India and abroad. He was directly involved in TOC in Steel, Pharma, Real Estate, Cements, Rayon, Consumer Products, Industrial Chemicals and Engineering Companies.

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