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2015 TOCICO International Conference

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Miguel Abuhab From Sell-in to Sell-out and Beyond 
Chandrashekhar Chaudhary Sailing Against the Tide. The JCB Implementation Case Study
KathyAustin Transforming You into a Buy-In Champ: Why the Layers of Resistance Don’t Always achieve Buy-In (and what to do about it)    
KathyAustin Step 1 of  the Journey: Transforming Delta Airlines Operations Using the Theory of Constraints (TOC), Lean and Six Sigma (LSS) 
Orion Avidan Answering the Questions of Technology - Using the TP to Transform the Way Innovation Is Managed    
Orion Avidan Leading a Buffered Life - How to Use Buffers to Transform Our Results    
Humberto R Baptista Retail-Beyond Stock and Mix
Dr. Alan Barnard What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger. Really?   
Dr. Alan Barnard How to Effectively and Efficiently Improve Flow Within Any Environment (Workshop)    
Prasun Chowdhury Challenging the Sufficiency of Rationality: The Role of Emotions in TOC Acceptance    
Namkee Chung Switching S&OP to MTA Reduces the Volatility of Supply Chain Planning: A Simulation Experiment of Production Planning    
Joe Cooper Transforming Project Turmoil into Project Harmony: A Critical Chain (CCPM) Basics (Workshop)
Corrado DeGasperis Transforming a Mining Company into a Flexible System That is Robust Against Market Downturns
Mridul Dhanuka Transforming India’s Agriculture, Winning Against the Weather
Daniel & Marco Transforming the Final Assembly of a Prototype Aircraft with the Employment of the Theory of Constraints Concepts
Fondevila and Julio Fiallos Transforming Business Relationships with Clients: Protecting Availability While Having Limited Capacity 
Fondevila & Hurtado Transforming Management: From Dealing with Symptoms to Understanding Cause and Effect    
James, Gardner, Gehrke & Inozu

Working with the SUCCESS Framework on the Inside, for Success on the Outside: Results from the Utah Correctional Industries (UCI), Utah Department of Corrections

Inozu, Hannan & Robinson Improving Project Portfolio Performance with Buffer-type and Flexibility Task-level DBR
Pierre Jaeck Constraint as the Critical Resource for Transformation
Russ Johnson Transforming our Assumptions About Managing Systems and Resources via Simple games and Exercises
Russ Johnson Transforming the Competitive Bid Game: A sub-Contractor’s Mafia Offer to a General Contractor
Luna Magpili How Does TOC Protect Systems From Harm
Philip Marris TOC to Boost Aeronautical Manufacturing Performance
Rakesh Markhedar Baja Electricals Ltd - Delivering Large Infrastructure Projects on Time
Maryam Mirzaei & Dr. Vicky Mabin
Constraint Classification for Projects
Arrie Van Niekerk A TOC Practitioners Story of 15 Years of TOC Applications in the Mining District
Sanjeev Nimkar Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. Enabling Assured One Week Delivery
Boaz Ronen Transforming Software Development in IT Divisions the TOC Way
Mike Round Business / Education Cooperation to Transform the Textbook
Mike Round Transforming the Giants' Body of Knowledge into Action
Deepak Sethi Transforming Your Life Using Clear and Rigorous Thinking
Rakesh Sinha Godrej Consumer Products - Story of the Viable Vision in the World
Albert Visser Visser How to Transform a Fragile Organization to Robust
Carle Wocke Don't Mine BIG Data, Mine Your Top Experts

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