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Sustainability: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice
2016 International Conference
Leesburg, VA - National Conference Center

September 18th - 21st

Expanding Our Paradigm About Resistance to Change 

Javier Arevalo - Goldratt Consulting

As implementations of Viable Visions progress, there is the need to commonly reassess the progress of the implementation plan. Many times this check does not consider or includes the mindset of the management and the company culture as a whole. It is our proposal that in order to sustain Viable Vision results and progress towards properly exploiting and elevating DCEs, companies require to focus on elevating the managerial constraint but in all aspects of the company, which becomes a major challenge to revamp and deconstruct the cultural aspect and the interactions of all its members. This is a key role of top management and HHRR.

In this presentation we would like to use couple of examples, to highlight two different stages of the process of how a company does become everflourishing and how it is a requirement to change its culture. Thus, it must address not only the engines of disharmony as postulated by Eli, but also it must develop A PROCESS, which suits its organization to generate the right mindset and incorporate the right people into the right roles, with the right skill set, and the right fundamental core principles. The first example has incredible results and positive changes from the management, but it still needs to complete the cultural change if they want to sustain and even gain higher levels of performance. The second company has continued an incredible journey of learning and challenging the current paradigms, not problems free, but the lessons soon incorporated into its own program to find, develop and retain the talent that feeds the culture and growth. We will present the general process or structured program recommended for any company that wants to sustain its capability to be everflourishing.

3 Learning objectives

1. Context and Background of two successful companies but with a key difference in their speed and chance to be everflourishing.
2. The proposed elements needed to ensure sustainability of a Viable Vision company into the future.
3. Looking at resistance to change again, with a new light. Implications on the Change Management Process.

Javier Arevalo Coming Soon

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