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2015 TOCICO International Conference

Transforming Businesses Track

Orion Avidon
Independent TOC Consultant

Jeff Schraeder
Managing Director
Circles of Clarity, LLC USA

Christoph Lenhartz
General Manager
Catena Strategies, Germany

David Fradis
Serial Entrepreneur and
Lean Startup Mentor

Answering the Questions of Technology - Using the TP to Transform the Way Innovation is Managed
September 8, 2015

Technological development has been the basis for development for mankind since the beginning of time. Yet to this day the process remains a mostly unchartered frontier territory. Companies look to technological development as a source for generating a competitive edge, maybe even a decisive competitive edge (DCE). The technology edge is highly appealing although it holds high risks and fail rates are notoriously high. Even those technologies that do succeed mostly take a very long time to penetrate the market and start generating a substantial income stream, often times leaving the originating company bruised and battered in the sidelines by this time. So there is a conflict, while it is in the best interest of the greater human society that technological developments continue, on the business level the risk to reward ratio seems highly unappealing.

This research is meant to outline an injection that will change this imbalance, focusing on the management of innovations for the B2B market. We will show:

  • How to use the TP tools to answer the 6 Questions of Technology using the current intuition available by combining management, engineering and research to map out:
  • The parts of the current reality that should be changed – what to change.
  • The most preferable directions for the change – what to change to.
  • The parallel and mutually iterative processes of developing the technology and re-designing the day to day rules – how to cause the change.
  • Examples and case studies of the different options available to those managing technological change – why this process is so important.
  • Common pitfalls.
  • How to manage and connect the technological development process to your other TOC efforts to create a cohesive whole.

This toolset will allow managers the needed control over the whole process and will help generate focus for both management and the development team. This shared focus is expected to improve the communication between the R&D team and the rest of the organization and lead to improved results making a technological DCE a much more plausible option.

To date there has been very little work published on the 6 Questions of Technology and while there have been practical applications of the TP within the 6 Questions framework, no work has been published about this at all. Since there is no Technology S&T we will propose an initial baseline for such a tree.

ORION AVIDAN holds a B.Sc in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from Tel Aviv University. After working in a wide variety of organizations such as Intel, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov), an advertising agency for loyalty programs (CRM) and a high tech company in the B2B sector, she has decided to focus on Theory of Constraints. Orion is an independent consultant and is also devoting time for research in order to expand the available knowledge of TOC.

JEFFREY SCHRAEDER works with senior management on corporate strategy, organizational design, accelerated business growth, corporate governance, developing effective corporate cultures, and effective business management. He has built successful companies including a management consulting firm and a technology outsourcing firm.

Jeff has extensive experience in a variety of technical, managerial, marketing, and strategy development positions at Bell Telephone Laboratories, IBM, Continental Insurance (CGA), Storage Technology and recently as a Viable Vision Expert with Goldratt Consulting.

Jeff is experienced in the TOC logical thinking processes developed by Eli Goldratt and in the science behind requisite organization design as developed by Elliott Jaques. Jeff has taught classes and run workshops on these tools at Goldratt House in Tel Aviv and in the US.

He is currently leading an effort by the Maryland Energy Administration to instill a culture of energy conservation in the 60 largest manufacturing firms in Maryland.

CHRISTOPH LENHARTZ, MBA, Jonah, TOCICO-certified, Certified Consultant (bdvb), CDDP is a Board Member and Past Chairman of TOCICO.

In over 20 years he has acquired a wide-ranging, international experience in industry, as a successful entrepreneur and also a leader of management consulting teams in high complexity TOC implementations. He has lead strategic, business transformation, supply chain management and IT projects and his expertise also includes post-merger integration of supply chain operations for major international groups.

One of the leading TOC and management experts in Europe he is the General Manager of Catena Strategies, a leading consultancy in operational excellence consulting based on TOC principles.

He has published articles on TOC and management topics in journals such as "Quality Progress” and has translated and written books on TOC and management topics in German. He is an appreciated speaker and teacher of TOC and related topics.

Christoph holds an MBA from Clemson University (USA), he graduated from the University Essen (Germany) as a Diplom-Kaufmann and has pursued post-graduate studies at Washington State University (USA).

DAVID FRADIS is a serial technology entrepreneur with heavy philosophical and mathematical training. He has lead several full startup cycles from inception to revenue. Including the development of account receivable collection systems for the USA pay day loans industry. Founding of Social Paragraph Ltd, a crowdfunding translation platform for academic translations and several mobile ventures.

He has been a mentor and consultant of lean startup methodologies for several years and has implemented various management and development methodologies including CC at all stages of growth.

David holds a BA in Philosophy and Math from the Hebrew University and is a honored graduate of Founder Institute program Tel Aviv class of 2012.

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