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Sustainability: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice
2016 International Conference
Leesburg, VA - National Conference Center

September 18th - 21st

TOC for Education: A Logistical Approach

Humberto Baptista - Vectis Solutions CEO

New knowledge:
  • How is the proposed paper new knowledge?
  • What is the relationship to existing accepted strategy and tactic trees?
Since the Industrial Revolution mankind has tackled a huge challenge in improving the reach and the quality of education. By introducing division of labor specialization and other concepts from the Industrial Revolution we were able to develop and deploy an educational system that can effectively reach billions of children across the world today. Unfortunately, this extensive and wide reaching system is not able to handle the large differences between each student and therefore it’s victim to a very perverse compromise in terms of the quality of education. Also when we consider the increase in the speed, breadth and depth of the human knowledge development it is clear the educational system is lagging behind in improving education in the same pace. The gap between what is known to the human species and what is resulting from educational is growing at an alarming rate and very little has been done to solve it on the large scale basis.

TOC for Education has introduced many interesting tools that deal several problems and challenges in schools and education, and dedication all system, but apart from one isolated and so far non-replicable case of the Reut school in Israel we have no scalable solution to address the process of ongoing improvement (POOGI) in the educational system.

After a three-year research with several schools across different countries we have developed an analysis of the current reality faced by most schools in the world and together with teachers derived the core cloud that sustains this very unfortunate situation. Analyzing the educational core cloud and the characteristics developed to allow education to reach a large number of students we have developed a logistical solution to improve the quality of educational flow to the students that is both simple and scalable.

The author introduced the avenues of change as way to cause the change in a given organization. The thought avenue is where we challenge (and change) assumptions of the participants usually on a one by one bases; The measurement avenue is where we change how participants evaluate their progress and see the results of their efforts in reality. And finally there is the physical avenue where changes in the physical environment not only allow, but also force the participants in reevaluating assumptions and behaviors that are appropriate for this new environment. Thus in the physical avenue of change we see the most scalable solutions to deal with complex problems.

In this presentation we expose and analyze a logistical solution for the education current reality. This solution allows significant changes and improvements in the education without requiring extensive training, investment, or time from any school that wishes to deploy it.

Humberto Baptista - Vectis Solutions CEO, member of the TOCICO Board of Directors, former member of Goldratt Group. Led from VV projects on Consumer Goods and Retail to manufacturing, projects and services, translation (TOC Insights, GWS in CCPM, S&Ts, etc.), taught TOC VV Application Experts and Project Leaders worldwide. Current interests: TOC Principles, Implementations by S&Ts, advanced TOC Finance, TOC Retail, TOC NPO (Government, Health and Education) and TOC4E.

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