Teaching the World to Think

The TOCICO board wishes to honor Dr. Goldratt’s commitment to ever flourishing TOC knowledge and the TOCICO by forming the Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt charitable foundation. The foundation funds fellowships in applied research for the practical application and advancement of knowledge of the theory of constraints. To encourage and reward continued development of new knowledge, TOCICO is pleased to announce Fellowships in memory of Dr. Goldratt. These fellowships will be awarded for "Applied Research” that significantly advances the TOC knowledge and will be funded by businesses and corporations.

The recipients will present their Applied Research as part of the annual TOCICO Upgrade Workshop in 2012. Realization Technologies, a provider of TOC CCPM solutions, has come forward to initate the funding for the foundation.

Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt had a lifelong goal to teach the world to think. His vision for the formation of the TOCICO was that TOC knowledge be ever flourishing. To enable this, Dr. Goldratt donated a two day upgrade session for the TOC community each year for the past eight years just prior to the TOCICO conference. This year as the community prepared for the 9th International conference it became apparent that Dr. Goldratt would not be able to deliver this new knowledge in person. In his truly inspiring dedication and sacrifice to the TOCICO, Dr. Goldratt focused solely on bringing his new knowledge to the TOCICO conference even during his final days. He personally invited current, past and candidate TOCICO Board members to Israel to learn the stunning advances in TOC that he had planned on sharing at his upgrade. This standing on the shoulders of giants approach will be used for all foundation submissions.

Ongoing, the foundation will be funded by private and corporate contributions. A committee of corporate CEO’s, the TOCICO board of directors and respected academics will select the fellowships to fund. The results of the fellowship will be presented at each international conference. This foundation will enable a new process that the TOC community can use to continually upgrade the knowledge created by the giants before us and allow each of us to stand on their shoulders to see even further.

Foundation Funds Allocation

This year $50,000 will be awarded through a series of stages starting with the Call for Papers for the 2012 International Conference in Chicago and ending with the winners presenting their papers at the conference. A PowerPoint presentation, which discusses the various stages and what participants can expect, can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Foundation Funds