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Sustainability: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice
2016 International Conference
Leesburg, VA - National Conference Center

September 18th - 21st

"Sustaining Commitments to Our Clients”

Erica Fondevila - Consultant for Goldratt Consulting in Latin America

"They are always late”, "If we want to be on time in our market, the delivery date required to our suppliers must be before we really need the order”, "we can’t trust our suppliers”… these are just some of the UDEs from wholesalers and retailers when speaking about the relationship with their shoe suppliers.

In this particular case, synchronization was a fantasy novel inside this organization. Sales people used to accept orders with shorter lead times from what they could offer to the market, thus causing chaos on the production floor. The law of "who shouts lauder” was their principal prioritization system and motivation of the work force was really damaged.

This presentation has being developed with the purpose of underlying the importance of being reliable to our customers in order to build a long lasting relationship and, how we can make the difference by being reliable in a market were "being on time” can make the difference between making huge profits or having a big loss. How an on time "we are not going to be able make it” can help the customer to develop a recovery plans and avoid huge losses. How clear rules between customers and suppliers can make the difference. How the disciplined use of full-kit can help on internal procedures to promise a reliable date to the market. And as the core of all I’ve mentioned, how TOC can help us to achieve reliability on the fashion market.

We will use a real example to present the process full logic in action. 30 minutes will be enough to catch up the essence.

The first step in this case study was getting to know the company’s reality: Understanding the process we want to study. Then identify the main KPIs they use to evaluate their process performance. Third look for undesirable effects.

We will describe the actions and TOC tools we manage to put in place to deal with the synchronization problem they had, how we redesign with them their Order Commitment Process.

We will finalize with the results we obtained after putting in place the action plan for more than 3 months.

Watch the short 5 minute video now

Erica Fondevila Castro Industrial Engineer from Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral – Ecuador and Jonah in Thinking Processes. Currently works as a Consultant for Goldratt Consulting in Latin America. Have experience in other fields of the consulting sector and as an entrepreneur in Ecuador. She is also a representant of the Juniors Chambers of Commerce in Guayaquil and Champion on a Non-Profit Educational Organization "Enseña Ecuador”.

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