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2015 TOCICO International Conference

Transforming Businesses Track

Ravi Gilani
Founder, Managing Consultant
Goldratt India

Transforming Budgeting & Review Process
the TOC Way
September 7, 2015

There is an annual ritual in most organizations called budgeting.  Managers spend a lot of time & energy detailing tens if not hundreds of parameters in minute details for the next 12 months.  Often this exercise starts quite a few months before the start of the next financial year.  During this period there is nothing more important (urgent) than this exercise. 

However what is the end result of all this rigorous & time-consuming budgeting process?  Are the organizations able to achieve the budgeted profit & other financial ratios?  What are the feelings of the managers at the completion of the budgeting process?  Elated or thank God it is over! 

This presentation presents a rather radical approach of doing away altogether with the current way of budgeting & review process.  It will share an alternative approach.

Most organizations measure a lot of financial & operating parameters-sales in dollars / numbers / tons, market share, EBDITA, efficiencies, profit & loss etc.  However despite measuring a plethora of parameters, most organizations have not been able to achieve their Goal – to make more & more money.  Once again this presentation will share how measuring no more than 3-5 parameters could increase profits by an order of magnitude. 

Almost all organizations have some sort of formal or informal mechanism of reviewing their performance on a monthly basis.  First we should ask what should be the review frequency?  Should it be monthly, weekly, quarterly, or any other time period? Second what are the results of these reviews? Many times the same sort of issues emerge month after month and some times for many years altogether without any change.  What is the purpose of measurements & review? Measurement reviews should help the organization to take better decisions & corrective actions.  This presentation shares a radical different approach to:

  1. Motivate people to give their best performance
  2. Help the organization achieve stretch targets that were considered unattainable previously
  3. Focus on effective corrective actions

RAVI GILANI  is the founder and the managing Consultant of Goldratt India.As the managing consultant of Goldratt India, Ravi introduced Theory ofConstraints in India in 1998. He was the first 'Jonah' from India. Dr. Goldratttrained Ravi in Supply Chain Management. 

Dr. Eli Goldratt and the Directors of The Theory of Constraints InternationalCertification Organization Board, TOC-ICO have certified Ravi as an expert in TOC Holistic Strategy, TOC Operations Management, TOC Finance andMeasures, TOC Distribution Management and TOC Thinking Processes. 

Ravi currently serves on the board of directors of TOCICO – the apex TOCorganization in the world. 

He has been a regular speaker at many of the international conferences.For over 42 years, Ravi's industrial experience has evolved from a core inManufacturing Engineering through to Total Quality Management andBusiness Process Reengineering to TOC. 

During his consulting career of over 21 years, Ravi has consulted for and withmany Indian and transnational organizations, such as L&T and Godrej &Boyce in engineering, Salora International in consumer electronics, RPGCables in telecommunications, Alstom in power equipment, Indian Aluminum,Dalmia Cement & OCL India in cement & refractory, ICI in chemicals, Exide,Eicher, Ringplus Aqua, & Sona Okegawa in automobile components etc.Before starting his consulting career, Ravi had gained valuable 'Hands-on'experience for 21 years in operations in the automobile industry (TELCO andEicher). 

In addition to consulting, Ravi regularly disseminates his knowledge at anumber of universities. He has presented at the Antioch University,Seattle, and University of Central England at Birmingham & at IIM Indore. Hehas taught MBA students at many business schools including the IndianInstitute of Technology, Delhi as a visiting faculty. 

Ravi is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.He enjoys striving for the impossible by challenging sacred assumptions andsimplifying complexity. 

He is currently actively engaged in curing / reversing diabetes which he wasdiagnosed with 19 years ago in 1995.

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