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Sustainability: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice
2016 International Conference
Leesburg, VA - National Conference Center

September 18th - 21st

Starting and Managing a Retail Business – Transforming a business through TOC

Dee Jacob - CEO, VelosCT

Problem: I have spent much of the past 28 years helping existing organizations transform through the integration of TOC, Lean and Six Sigma. I have worked with very few start ups – and in those cases have only used a few tools and solutions of the vast array of TOC. As I looked toward expanding what I do closer to home, an 84 year old grocery business came on the market. It was a keystone of the downtown area of a small town, but it was going under. The building would be desirable for a bank or realtor, but the community would lose the key items they had come to trust and rely on.

Solution: In 2015, I formed a partnership to purchase this existing business and transform it into a new profitable business using TOC. We performed an analysis of the market and the developed a potential new offering through the mafia offer process This help me clarify the vision to the previous owners who came to work for us and to help clarify what we would do to alignment from the investors. We used the conflict process to resolve an issue that was almost jettisoned the sale. We used an analysis to help us position our key marketing statements and developed our marketing/press release process through project networks. We developed a network and critical chain project schedule to accelerate the physical transformation of the building, while remaining operational. We developed our mafia offer to preferred vendors to set up frequent replenishment to allow us to have the freshest product at a great value. As a result, we have transformed the
downtown area into hot

Session: This session will cover what we did and show examples and share the results.

  1. TOC analytical tools are useful to understand the viability and strategy of buying a business – What To Change, To What to Change, How to Cause the Change
  2. Using the tools of win-win results in faster transitions with partners and preferred suppliers.
  3. Would you use this process again?

Dee Jacob has been at the forefront of TOC since 1988. At Procter and Gamble, she led some of the earliest continuous process DBR solutions, the first replenishment, and Critical Chain solutions. Joining AGI in 1991, Dee continued the development of Critical Chain and the associated Portfolio Management solution, thinking processes, and supply chain. A prolific educator at AGI, Dee has created material and taught the Jonah Program®, the Jonah’s Jonah Program®, and Technical Expert programs in Project Portfolio Management and Supply Chain Management. She is co-author with Suzan Bergland and Jeff Cox of Velocity; Combining Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints to Achieve Breakthrough Performance and a contributor to the TOC Handbook for AGI.

In 2013, Dee recently formed a new business, VelosCT, with her husband Bob to provide TOC based solutions focused on service, value, and our customers’ success. She is CEO. VelosCT has through new customer base, created opportunities to create both improved selling processes as well as expanded tools and education for Project Management, Supply Chain and Thinking Processes that bring service, value and success to its customers. 

Dee has been at the forefront of working with major government and corporate clients – and solving the challenges of selling and creating rapid deployment models for success. She recently embarked on partnering with a small business initiative in her hometown. 

In 2015, Dee formed a partnership to transform a small town landmark business into something new and exciting using the principles of TOC.

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