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Sustainability: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice
2016 International Conference
Leesburg, VA - National Conference Center

September 18th - 21st

Sustaining the TOC Culture: Management Styles for "Ever Flourishing” Companies

Kiran Kothekar - Founding Director, Vector Consulting Group

Kiran Kothekar

It is widely agreed that the biggest challenge for a company that has implemented TOC successfully is to sustain this new culture. To achieve and sustain this transformational change that TOC brings to the company’s work environment and financial performance, top management of companies must continuously embed, enable and reinforce the TOC practices, and behaviors at every level of the organization including their own. But very often, after the initial euphoria, corruption of TOC culture is unknowingly initiated by the top management itself. Then over time the new practices erode and the company reverts to its previous mode of working with the same consequences.

Therefore, after implementing the chalked out blocks of the SnT tree and bringing the company to a certain level of maturity in their TOC journey, a hidden SnT has to be implemented, actively challenging the prevailing myths within the management’s work culture which create conflicts and thrust them back to the old ways of working and getting work done. Through this workshop Kiran will to discuss 8 blunders of top management that derail the TOC culture

1. Expansion before Exploitation
2. Mistaking data for objectivity (numbers tell facts)
3. Reacting to noise ( or management by wandering around)
4. Playing a selector rather than a coach
5. Confusing abdication as delegation: (proactive issue resolution vs. call when u need me)
6. Management by Objectives
7. Only choice available to manage conflicts : Being firm and aggressive Vs getting consensus
8. More the improvement initiatives more is the value delivered to the company. ( load more to get more)

Kiran Kothekar is a recognized global expert in Theory of Constraints with more than 25 years of industry experience and consulting. Kiran worked closely with the inventor of TOC (Theory of Constraints), Dr. Eli Goldratt to develop the TOC solutions for Sales and Marketing before starting Vector Consulting Group in 2005. VCG is now the largest TOC consulting firm in Asia.

Companies in Tata Group, Godrej Group, and many others have reaped the benefits of Kiran's expertise and experience in TOC. A firm believer in sharing his experience and thought process with the world, he actively writes and publishes his works in leading business media carriers.

His qualifications include a Mechanical Engineering (College of Engineering, Pune) and PGDIM (NITIE, Mumbai). Reading and Field Team Games are his treasured hobbies.

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