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Sustainability: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice
2016 International Conference
Leesburg, VA - National Conference Center

September 18th - 21st

The Basics of TOC Workshop

Christoph Lenhartz - General Manager of Catena Strategies

The Basics of TOC workshop introduced participants to the fundamental concepts and applications of the Theory of Constraints:
  • TOC thinking, paradigms and philosophy
  • Drum-Buffer-Rope – production the TOC way
  • Replenishment – distribution the TOC way 
  • Finance and Measures – Decision making the TOC way
  • Thinking Processes – problem analysis and solving
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Critical Chain Project Management (on day 2)
The workshop is delivered in a blend of teaching and learning styles: interactive discussion and lecture, hands on games. There is ample time for clarifying your questions. The purpose is threefold:
  1. Allow newcomers to get an idea of the TOC body of knowledge and TOC’s areas of application
  2. Prepare attendees for advanced discussion and presentation on subsequent conference days
  3. Help clarify questions in preparation for the TOC Fundamentals exam

Christoph Lenhartz - General Manager of Catena Strategies

MBA, Jonah, TOCICO-certified, Certified Consultant (bdvb), CDDP, is a Board Member and Past Chairman of TOCICO.

In over 20 years he has acquired a wide-ranging, international experience in industry, as a successful entrepreneur and also a leader of management consulting teams in high complexity TOC implementations. He has lead strategic, business transformation, supply chain management and IT projects and his expertise also includes post-merger integration of supply chain operations for major international groups.

One of the leading TOC and management experts in Europe he is the General Manager of Catena Strategies, a leading consultancy in operational excellence consulting based on TOC principles.He has published articles on TOC and management topics in journals such as "Quality Progress” and has translated and written books on TOC and management topics in German. He is an appreciated speaker and teacher of TOC and related topics.

Christoph holds an MBA from Clemson University (USA), he graduated from the University Essen (Germany) as a Diplom-Kaufmann and has pursued post-graduate studies at Washington State University (USA).

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