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2015 TOCICO International Conference

Transforming Businesses Track

Ohad Levy
Delivery Manager
Inherent Simplicity

Dynamic Software Development and Team Management Using CCPM
September 7, 2015

CCPM is a key TOC model and practice for successfully running complex projects. One of CCPM’s core concepts is project-buffer reflecting the project’s performance along its lifecycle.

Developing software, based on human resources, is highly risky due to the fact that developers’ individual performance is often unpredictable and as developers are dependent on other project’s members. Hence, software development projects are often in a state that may jeopardize the project’s deadline. This presentation will show how skillfully using CCPM may reduce the above risks and lead to successfully protecting the project’s deadline.

The presentation will go over a genuine software development case that took place at Inherent Simplicity (a software company), for one of its major products. The project was based on the following list of resources’ personnel:

  • 7 developers
  • 6 QA team members
  • 2 product managers
  • The development process from beginning to release lasted 25 weeks and ended 8 days after the official deadline. During the development process, a CCPM software was used, on a daily basis, to monitor the project’s progress. The weekly project management’s decisions and implementations that were taken based on the project-buffer’s status to achieve the deadline target, included:
  • Moving tasks from one resource to another
  • Reassessing of tasks’ importance
  • Reducing of the release’s capacity with minimal damage to the version’s scope
  • Clear understanding of each resource’s advantages and disadvantages to making the appropriate adjustments
  • Reinforcing critical tasks’ resources
  • Identifying the next bottle neck ahead
  • Cloud based conflicts management
  • Assigning mini-team’s for each critical task, covering all aspects of development:
  • The 25-week effort to successfully complete the project’s tasks were carefully managed according to the above concepts and led to a minimal delay of 8 days (4% delay).

OHAD LEVY is a delivery manager at Inherent Simplicity - a TOC software company which is part of the Goldratt Group. Ohad is familiar with TOC for the past five years, and practicing this domain in different venues. Ohad worked as the QA team leader and customer support team leader in Inherent Simplicity, and currently is responsible for the entire software development process in the company.

Ohad has more than nine years of experience in the software industry, and his expertise are in quality assurance and processes management.

Ohad holds a BS degree in computer science.

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