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Sustainability: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice
2016 International Conference
Leesburg, VA - National Conference Center

September 18th - 21st

Vector on Managing Flow in Project Environments: New CCPM Models

Satyashri Mohanty - Director, Vector Consulting Group

Vector Consulting Group has considerable experience in successfully implementing TOC in large, complex project environments fraught with litigation and chronic delays. They have consistently delivered results for clients in environments like NPD (New product development), EPC (Engineering, Procurement and construction) and ETO (Engineered to Order). These companies now constantly deliver large projects on time or ahead of time since Vector has developed and implemented the know how to ensure guaranteed results without exception.

CCPM, as it is generally implemented, does not deliver consistent results because it tends to be treated as a project management solution where the focus is on making the project plan and tracking it. The very name of the solution encourages this bias. Vector has moved CCPM to a new paradigm where it is not merely a project management solution but a "Flow solution”. Flow enhancement of projects depends on how work modules are modeled along with the necessary flow regulating rules.

Therefore, by adding elements to the original CCPM solution, new models have been developed for environments like NPD (New product development), EPC (Engineering, Procurement and construction) and ETO (Engineered to Order) which help unlock the real potential of the solution. Through this workshop Vector would like to share this know-how of:

  • How to model work packets and projects to maximize flow 
  • How to break skew (dispatches and project closure) problems and 
  • How to implement a much more simplified priority system. 

Satyashri Mohanty a certified TOC expert and the founding Director of Vector Consulting Group - specializes in Operations and Project Management. He has about 15 years of industry and consulting experience. Satyashri has introduced and popularized TOC in Project domain of Indian industry, in various complex environments - multi-project custom manufacturing; new plant construction; plant shutdown; and new product development. Many of his clients have declared record breaking success stories in the public domain. He has also authored a business novel called "Apparent in Hindsight: From chaos to Harmony in the Auto Industry with Puneet Kulraj which discusses the logic of implementing TOC in manufacturing operations.

Satyashri found his passion in TOC early in his career, which made him start a TOC practice in a reputed consulting firm. Few years back, Satyashri along with 2 partners sharing the common passion (TOC) co-founded Vector Consulting Group. A qualified Mechanical Engineer, Satyashri also holds an MBA degree. He loves travelling and is a voracious reader.

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