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Sustainability: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice
2016 International Conference
Leesburg, VA - National Conference Center

September 18th - 21st

Removing Engines of Disharmony for People’s Growth - Sustainable Autonomy Management with Unprecedented Performance Improvement in TOC Way

Katsumi Ozeki - Partner of Goldratt Consulting

Why Was The a Need for Change?

The demand to the production Gemba of Japan becomes more and more severe to survive the global competition. The Gemba personnels work on cost reduction, and various initiatives such as Gemba Kaizen, inventory reduction, productivity improvement, and quality improvement activities. Also Gemba leaders manage production members consisted of wide generations as their duty, and it is essential to deliver results under such a busy environment. Besides, Gembas must deal with day to day problems because Gemba is filled with uncertainties. Therefore, Gembas have always held always many problems with a limited resources, and it becomes a mountain of dilemmas due to that. Gemba leaders has felt huge pressure to overcome bad performance. Leaders has started many improvements, but those effects were restrictive by diminishing returns.

What to Change?

Gemba that is full of disharmonyGemba that is falling into diminishing returns

What to Change to?

Gembas with harmonyGembas that continue producing the most remarkable results

How to Cause the Change?

A manager defined the core problem which caused the Engine of disharmony in their organization. The manager decided to share a global picture as an injection to understand a meaning of the work for all with "What for", "How”, and "Because of". Thus, Gemba’s motivation and collaboration rose even without instructions for the Gemba. Gembas produce products according to the global picture and decide the priority autonomously, therefore holistic management were established. As a result, productivity was doubled, and overtime work was decreased sharply including holiday work. In addition, the results won the highest award in the Japan TQM meeting in 2015.

How do you measure, refocus, sustain and grow the change?

According to S&T tree, leaders push forward the implementation utilizing "Build, Capitalize, and Sustain”. In addition, the provided knowledge is collected and made into a textbook and is used in educating the employees.

Three Learning Objectives:
  • Once Gemba personnels can think about the whole and have a global view, they can provide better judgement.
  • By concentrating on Gemba activities affecting the outcomes of the whole, the leaders can create a lively environment where all personnels will work in cooperation. This will also result in the improvements of Gemba personnels.
  • By changing the ways to manage Gemba, the leaders can change Gemba itself.

Katsumi Ozeki, Partner of Goldratt consulting. Ex-General Manager at Sony HQ Production Strategy Office, Ex-President at Sony Ericsson Beijing Plant. Served as many overseas plant manager and/or president of local subsidiary in Mexico, UK and China. The contribution in the U.K. reached the edge of Princess Anne, and he was invited to the private residence of Windsor Castle as the first Japanese. In 2008, I have shared the philosophy of Yuji Kishira, CEO Goldratt Consulting Japan, which is "Reform the Japanese manufacturing by Holistic management”. He received a high praise from Dr. Goldratt as a top expert of TOC by continuous remarkable achievements in a very short period of time, such as the implementation of TOC in Omron Healthcare.

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