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2015 TOCICO International Conference

Transforming Self Track

Deepak Sethi

Transforming Your Life Using Clear and Rigorous Thinking (Workshop)
September 7, 2015

This is a workshop on "Clear and Rigorous Thinking” – intended for general conference attendees.

It has its genesis in Eli Goldratt’s last seminal work "The Choice” in which he shorts all to "Think Clearly”.

It is based on the premise that most of us are ‘Thinking’ much below our potential-even TOC practitioners and in the process missing out on great opportunities for ourselves. We have the requisite brain power and domain knowledge to effectively deal with our day to day problems- it is just that we are not using these adequately to our advantage

While ‘Thinking’ is an intrinsic ability, ‘Clear Thinking’ is a skill, and like any other skill, it needs to be developed and honed (Eli defines Thinking Clearly as understanding correctly the causalitygoverning a situation of interest to you)

Clear Thinking Is elusive for most people - even for the average TOC practitioner…

The workshop session seeks to help people develop a whole new connectivity & an empowered relationship with ‘Thinking Clearly’.

The contents of the workshop build on the concept of "standing on the giant's shoulders", Eli being the central giant in this case. At the core is Eli's concept of Inherent Simplicity.

Additionally it integrates the work of Lisa Scheinkopf (Passive & Active thinking) and Daniel Kahneman (System 1 and System 2 thinking) to yield an actionable communication, targeted to getting TOC practitioners to use these 2 modes optimally & consciously- shifting seamlessly to Active Clear Thinking (ACT) when dealing with high stake issues .

This will help participants make correct choices and decisions in both professional and personal fronts.

And, as a part of that process, apply the TOC insights & tools more aggressively & to a wider range of problems.

DEEPAK SETHI has a long professional career to his credit- the first 25 years in the corporate sector & the last 8 yrs as a private label business consultant.

He is an alumnus of IIT-Kanpur and IIM-Ahmedabad- both being the top schools in India in the respective areas of Engineering & Management.

The first phase of his corporate career was with MNCs - he began with Philips, followed by long stints with UniLever & Cadbury’s. This was followed with CXO & CEO level assignments with some well recognized family run companies in India

He has held leadership responsibilities at the Director & Business Head levels at Cadbury’s, Dabur, Apollo Tyres, LML, & Mayar India in that order.

He began his consulting practice in 2005 under the banner of his firm Solutions.QED ….

Deepak leverages his extensive knowledge of the Indian marketplace, his expertise in sales, marketing & business leadership, & Theory of Constraints [TOC] ( formal exposure- cleared the TOC Fundamentals Exam -# 1227 & have attended the Odyssey 2015 program led by Dr Alan Barnard), in his consulting projects. It involves putting in place, a sound marketing strategy, related business processes & measurements and decisively exploiting the specific constraint that impedes the company’s performance.

In recent years, he has focused his business consulting to CXO-level guidance on transformation to mid-sized organizations on a retainer ship basis.

Inspired by TOC, his personal mission is to help people ‘think more clearly & rigorously ’. He sees ‘Thinking Clearly’ to be a vital access to effective business problem solving and a more fulfilled life.

He is a keen student of Vedanta (the essence of a life philosophy derived from the Indian ancient scriptures) & an observer of human behavior. He spends a lot of time in walking, swimming & movie watching on the big screen.

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