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Sustainability: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice
2016 International Conference
Leesburg, VA - National Conference Center

September 18th - 21st

"Success Without Stress"- Using the "Power of Clear Thinking"

Deepak Sethi - Private Label Business Consultant

This paper highlights the power & criticality of ‘Clear Thinking’ – in enhancing Success & reducing Stress levels in our life.

At the 2015 TOCICO conference, I had presented ‘Transform your life using Clear and Rigorous Thinking’. The theme had its genesis in Eli's last seminal work "The Choice" in which he makes out a strong case for people to "Think Clearly" if they wish to fulfil on their aspiration of living a full life…

The proposed presentation at TOCICO 2016 will be a sequel to the 2015 one. Besides carrying the key concepts, the foundational injections & the important good practices, linking up Clear Thinking with successful outcomes (the success part), from the last year presentation, it’ll carry the additional aspects of:
  • Dynamics of choice making & its interface/ linkage with Clear Thinking
  • Stress management
The additional aspects have been included to address 2 significant gap areas as below:
  • Choice making dynamics: We, humans tend to be somewhat ‘lazy & half-hearted ’ when it comes down to Thinking This impacts ‘the way we use our Thinking faculty to make our choices’. It brings the issue of the dynamics of ‘choice making’ centre stage. Daniel Kahneman’s description of Thinking, Fast (system 1-instinctive, associative, emotional, low effort & of course fast) & Slow (system 2-rational, considered, cognitive, logical, deliberate, effortful & slow), provides a good direction to deal with this issue…
  • Stress management: Also, a happy & a full Life results not just when there is abundant success, but also when the stress is minimal & managed well. Stress essentially arises when we fail to achieve our desired outcomes - & since this occurs very frequently, it becomes important for us to learn the technique of suitably coping up with unmet desires. Swamy Parathasarthy provides some interesting insights into how to cope up with & finally reduce/ eliminate stress from our lives by understanding the distinction between thoughts that emanate from our ‘Mind’ (emotions, likes & dislikes) & those from ‘Intellect’ (judgement, discrimination, analysis)..
The integration of their thoughts should make Eli’s ‘Clear Thinking’ solution for living a ‘happy & a full Life’, more comprehensive, & sustainable…

The final scope & focus of the presentation is highlighted below:
Why change?
To achieve a happy & a full life that we aspire to from living the current mediocre & a stressful life –a life that is below our potential, that we have come to accept..

What to change?
We are endowed with Thinking faculty to make our choices… however, the quality of our Thinking is below par. We need to change the way we are using our Thinking faculty…

What to change to?
We need to not just Think, but Think more Clearly… Eli described Thinking Clearly as organizing & using our thoughts in a way that helps us figure out correctly the cause and effect linkages governing the situation of interest to us….

The presentation will seek to get people to increase their Thinking productivity for:
a. Making better choices & decisions
b. Managing Stress better…

Deepak Sethi Deepak has a long professional career to his credit- the first 25 years in the corporate sector & the last 9 yrs as a private label business consultant.

He is an alumnus of IIT-Kanpur and IIM-Ahmedabad- both being the top schools in India in the respective areas of Engineering & Management

The first phase of his corporate career was with MNCs - he began with Philips, followed by long stints with UniLever & Cadbury’s, followed by some well recognized family run companies in India.

He has held leadership responsibilities at the Director & Business Head levels at Cadbury’s, Dabur, Apollo Tyres, LML, & Mayar India in that order.

He began his consulting practice in 2005 as Solutions.QED.

Deepak leverages his extensive knowledge of the Indian marketplace, his expertise in sales, marketing & business leadership, & Theory of Constraints [TOC], in his consulting projects. It involves putting in place, a sound marketing strategy, related business processes & measurements and decisively exploiting the specific constraint that impedes the company’s performance.

In recent years, he has focused his business consulting to CXO-level guidance on transformation to mid-sized organizations on a retainer ship basis.

Inspired by TOC, his personal mission is to help people ‘think more clearly & rigorously ’. He sees ‘Thinking Clearly’ to be a vital access to effective business problem solving and a more fulfilled life.

He has been conducting training sessions for Corporates on subjects of Strategy & Thinking To Potential.

He has also recently received his certification as an Erickson Associate Coach.

He is a keen student of Vedanta (the essence of a life philosophy derived from the Indian ancient scriptures) & an observer of human behavior. He enjoys walking, swimming, politics & movie watching on the big screen.

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