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Sustainability: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice
2016 International Conference
Leesburg, VA - National Conference Center

September 18th - 21st

Standing on the Shoulders of the Technology Giants

John Thompson - Co-Founder and COO of Exepron, the cloud-based Critical Chain solution named a 2016 Cool Vendor in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) by Gartner; and owner of Global Focus LLC

Next Level Technology for CCPM:
Without Technology and in particular the TOC Logistical Applications are limited in the impact and sustainability of an implementation. What is the objective?

How will TOC change the world?

  • By Training
  • Implementing changes to the organization?
The WBS is not a project, it is a WBS, there is not practical implementation sequence.. A WBS is a technical silo, work break down of the project scope and cost. Once an independently constructed and practical, feasible project network is created – Users can reach into the WBS to extract data, costs and specification etc. for each specific Task.

The CCPM method is the first real addition to basic PM since the 50’s and 60’s when digitizing a PERT, Gantt into a Calendar evolved. Resource Contention, Uncertainty and Variability were ignored or assumed to have little impact of project outcomes. To date the average delivery performance of a non-CCPM project, across any industry or discipline is < 50% measured by on-time delivery, original scope and budget. CCPM has elevated this to a significantly higher level of delivery performance. Technology has opened up a whole new world of questions with new answers – this means new possibilities and new solutions.

Technology does not mean a new and faster way to apply old rules.
  • The Internet ‘cloud’ has essentially shrunk the universe, where every device is now an entry point, each at the center of this connected world.
  • Processing speed and storage are now practically unlimited on backend servers with ‘infinite’ elastic capacity.
  • HTML and other lite-weight front-end user interface applications ensure there is rapid and real-time information at users fingertips.

This is where those leveraging technology are advancing and simplifying CCPM solutions, CCPM Knowledge transfer and ultimately CCPM acceptance and expectation of a broader audience is heading. CCPM must address the needs of a much larger market by becoming a full Business Solution. Crossing the Chasm* cannot occur without this technical platform.

The stabilization of the Critical Chain, with feasible network building, appropriate BM and real-time intervention provides a constant reference plane and is a key breakthrough component of the CCPM Methodology.

Without this stabilized backbone, even CCPM performance regresses with each update causing priority switching, insidious Task slippage leading to chaos. Performance regresses back to the <50 % delivery performance.

Key Components that make CCPM superior:
If the CC is not permitted to change during execution then the CC provides stability in a sea of variability and uncertainty, all other elements can be referenced against this CC.

Advancements made possible by a stabilized CC include:
  • Feeding buffers providing early warning before a surprise overload emerges from the depth of the project.
  • The shortest possible Critical Chain can be calculated in a single pass. • Risk calculations in planning and execution are possible.
  • Networks built from Right to Left are shorter and more likely complete regarding major Tasks.
The opportunity for forward visibility is now possible, including predictive Resource Loading, Revenue and Costs projections.
Technology also accelerates and shortens the knowledge transfer and learning cycles.
  • Rapid Implementation and Value delivery breaks the consultants dilemma:
  • Market à Sell à Close à Deliver à Market à sell…....etc.


John Thompson is the co-Founder and COO of Exepron, the cloud-based Critical Chain solution named a 2016 Cool Vendor in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) by Gartner; and owner of Global Focus LLC, a business consultancy specializing in positioning Organizations for sustainable growth and business turn-around. John has led numerous Companies through Facilitated Analysis, Training and Implementations in many diverse Industries globally including Shipbuilding, Aerospace, Electronic Stock Trading, Auto Collision Repair, Landscape Architecture, Forest Technology, Retail Apparel Distribution, Medical Instrumentation, Composite Fiber Reinforced Plastics and Heavy Steel Fabrication Industries. John has over 20 years of experience in all of the Theory of Constraint applications, including Critical Chain Project Management, Strategy & Tactics, TOC Thinking Process, Marketing & Sales, Distribution, Production and Throughput Accounting. John was a Certified Associate of the late Dr. Eli Goldratt and is a founding member and past Chairman of the TOCICO, the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization. John can be reached at

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