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Sustainability: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice
2016 International Conference
Leesburg, VA - National Conference Center

September 18th - 21st

How to Make Ordinary People Achieve Extraordinary Performance - TOCfE Japan Now and into Future

Etsuko Yasuda - Goldratt Consulting Japan Administrator
Co-Presenter, Motoi Tobita - Project Director at Goldratt Consulting


TOC for Education Japan community was launched in 2011. The goal of the organization is to make Japan better in 20 years by educating adults and children to think clearly. In order to achieve the goal, we need to expand and accelerate our activities and to create a critical mass.


The current limitation is that only "super-person” does all lecturing, managing organization, decision making. The number of "super-person” is the bottleneck and limits the rate of growth of our organization.


Our desirable effect is that ordinary people perform extraordinarily to accelerate our activities. The ordinary people include those helping our events, those coordinating voluntary study sessions, and those helping marketing. Achieving this desirable effect would give us an exponential growth.


We have created a process and opportunities to grow ordinary people in a safe environment by "super-person” educating ordinary person. This causes "super-person” to teach what they can do and by these very actions, they themselves learn and grow further, given that teaching others is the one of the best ways to learn. Those who become educated by "super-person” gain necessary skills, break the current bottleneck and help to expand the organization’s activities. Moreover, those who are becoming educated through this process are required to verbalize the cause and effect experienced when teaching others. Reviewing this cause and effect with "super-person” enables them to learn even more deeply and to better understand what is essential in the teaching process.


Since our organization is still young, the situation changes dramatically every year and so does the bottleneck. We have a self-evaluation scheme among key members and utilize feedback from participants of our 4-day teaching program (TOC Learning Connection) which is conducted every summer. Because we have such large groups in one session (150 and more) we use two types of facilitators—those who conduct the lectures for everyone and those who "assist” by sarcastically guiding small groups during practice and application. Because we focused so much on developing "master” large group facilitators (lecturers), the inadequate skill level of small group, "assistant” facilitators emerged as our weak point. Thus, we developed an "assistant facilitator” training in 2013. In the next year, the quality of small group facilitators improved and the rate of educating "master facilitators” become the bottleneck. In order to address this, we created a "mentor system” where a master facilitator and a master candidate become buddies and the master trains the candidates through questions and dialogues. This develops the learning capacity of both people. Our current focus is to conduct the teaching program more than once a year and to cover all major regions in Japan while remaining alert to find the next bottle neck. The number of participants in the education programs and events, master facilitators and local communities are key measures and all of them are growing significantly.


In the conference we would also like to share a few extra-ordinary cases done by ordinary people including elementary and junior high school children.
  1. A case of a mother who wants to fix a class disruption problem at the elementary school where her daughter goes. After attending the TOC for education program, she used a TOC thinking tool with her daughter to analyze why the problem occurred. The daughter came up with the direction of the solution and she presented the case in the TOC for education Japan symposium.
  2. A case of an ordinary woman (Etsuko Yasuda) who works as administrator of a company. She thought she can support and assist others in using TOC tools but no way could she play a major role on stage. One day she had an opportunity to teach the thinking tools in front of an audience including professional facilitators and others experienced in teaching. The training was very well received. The reason of the rather surprising success made even a professor of the top national university astonished.
  3. A case of a junior high school student who had to take supplementary lectures in all subject due to failure in exams, had been picked up by police due to misbehavior and had lost her hope to live. She had even tried to commit suicide. She came to know the TOC thinking tools and found the purpose of her life through the help of mentoring support (Motoi Tobita). Now, she has completely changed in terms of both academic performance and behavior. She even got the best prize as group leader in a scout troop.

Three Learning Objectives:
  • How the use of simple applications of TOC tools remove limitations of ‘ordinary’ people to achieve extraordinary success in daily lives
  • How TOCfE, Japan is systematically developing the capacity of ordinary citizens to increase the rate of spread of TOC by teaching others in their everyday lives
  • Why the goal of TOC for Education organization resonates with people’s individual goals to inspire commitment to learn and teach

Etsuko Yasuda - Goldratt consulting Japan Administrator. Etsuko joined Goldratt Consulting in 2010 after working at Sony EMCS for 3 yearsShe has been touched strongly with the Goldratt’s mission "to create a better world using TOC”. Also, she has supported TOCfE Japan as an administrator from the start-up and she is the key person to coordinate 200 people level events and programs. Even professional event coordinators are astonished with her performance doing all those coordination almost all by herself. In addition, she acts as a communication hub of operation members and community groups of TOCfE Japan. Her devotion to work with responsibility and contribution has achieved full trust from the TOCfE Japan community. At the same time, she learned TOCfE tool and attended facilitator training.One day she had an opportunity to teach other people as lecturer by receiving expert’s support and succeeded even though it was first time for her. From the experience, she analyzed the reason of her success using TOCfE tools, and gave a presentation in front of lots of participant at TOCfE certification program in 2014. Her presentation received empathy from lots of audience and made even a professor of the top national university astonished by her presentation.

Motoi Tobita - born in 1974, got Ph. D in chemical physics and authored a dozen of refereed scientific papers. Tobi had aimed to be an astronaut to give all people in the nation a sense of energy. Now, his dream is upgraded with TOC; He aims to give people a sense of energy as well as the tools to achieve his/her dream. His major TOCfE related works include the following:
  • A skyrocketing increase in a high school students’ math exam score from the worst in the class to the average in the class just in 6 weeks. The student achieved the first step of his dream, become a professional actor and got a role in a move in major distribution channel.
  • Boosting high school tennis team performance. The team lost in the 1st round in regional tournament before engagement proceeded to 4th round in the same tournament in the following year. The result was achieved by visiting the team only twice and by coaching the tennis team coach by e-mails.
  • Enhancing soccer teams communication. The score against a nation top team was 0-10 before engagement and improved to 0-2 in the following year. - Saving life of a junior high school student with Asperger syndrome and an intractable disease.
Tobi is one of a few TOCfE master lead facilitators in the world, a leader and an evangelist in TOCfE Japan community, the author of Cloud workbook, a project director at Goldratt Consulting.

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