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TOCICO International Conference - PROGRAM

SPEAKERS (Bios/Abstracts)

July 16-19, 2017
Melia Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

 Deepak Sethi - Private Label Business Consultant

I. Introduction & Background

1. This submission deals with concepts and guidelines, which if internalized & practiced, will cause us to experience a significant shift in our Thinking Productivity.
It falls in the personal focus category & in the new knowledge format.

2. My love & passion for the subject of Thinking has its genesis in Eli's last seminal work "The Choice". In it

a. He made out a strong case for people to "Think Clearly" if they wished to fulfil on their aspiration of living a full life…
b. He defined Thinking Clearly as organizing & using our thoughts in a way, that helps us figure out correctly the cause and effect linkages governing the situation of interest to us. This is because we need to make our choices & decisions with a correct understanding of the Reality around us.
c. He claimed that while most desired a happy life, they did not put in the Thinking efforts required for it
d. He highlighted the limiting beliefs that keep people from Thinking well – & then went on to suggest the counter measures viz the empowering assumptions that’ll help us to Think Clearly .
3. What captured my attention & interest was that this ‘below par Thinking malaise , as highlighted by Eli, applied to the intelligentsia, as well -& if I may dare say, that includes the TOC community also ... most importantly, I could see a glaring gap between Eli’s concept & vision of Thinking Clearly & my own output…
4. The other interesting conundrum was the way we relate to ‘Thinking’ :

a) Interestingly, we do not bother to think about the very faculty that allows us to Think, viz Thinking itself.
b) We treat it as a near continuous, background, de-facto, largely unconscious activity- we know it to be important, but only in a fuzzy way…
c) Deep down, we also carry the belief that there’s not much that we can do about it- that is because our brain capacity, which primarily governs our Thinking Output, is a near given…
d) Thus, while ‘Thinking’ & improving its productivity, should have been a burning priority, it is not much of an actionable issue, for most of us!!… this is what I am determined to change…& facilitate…

5. I have been studying & researching the issue of ‘Thinking Clearly’ for a while now-it has become a passion area for me. I have presented on this topic at the TOCICO conferences of Cape Town, & Leesburg.

6. Over the years, I have succeeded in including some important additional pieces relating to ‘how we Think’ to Eli’s core content from ‘The Choice’ – this with the objective of having a more robust & complete solution to the ‘Clear Thinking’ problem.

Notable inclusion is the Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman’s work on the two modes of Thinking viz. Fast (System 1-instinctive, associative, emotional, low effort) & Slow (system 2-rational, considered, cognitive, logical, deliberate, & effortful ). Our tendency for ‘lazy, bare minimum Thinking’ & how these 2 modes interact, provides us with an improved understanding of why we find it difficult to Think Clearly…

7. I wish to present my updated work at the Berlin conference under the title ‘What can I do to enhance my Thinking Productivity’…. The proposed presentation at TOCICO 2017 will be a sequel to the previous ones in 2015 & 2016- it would be say …‘Power of Clear Thinking’ 3.

II. The presentation scope …

It will cover the following aspects
1. The critical role of Thinking in our lives..
2. Our current connectivity/ relationship with Thinking
3. The difference between Thinking & the benchmark for good quality Thinking – Thinking Clearly (TC)
4. Reasons for the gap

• The way we Think (fast & slow modes – Daniel Kahneman)
• The blocks/limiting assumptions (Eli G)

5. The response to the gap factors
6. Increasing our Thinking Productivity – guidelines, enabling practices & some mini-tools for it…
7. Making Thinking Clearly ‘A way of life’….

III. The Topic–as seen through the lens of Change Management…


Move from being largely a ‘default Thinker’ to a more Purposeful, Aware & Conscious Thinker…

6 Key words/ phrases that identify & distinguish this paper ….

1. Clear Thinking
2. Assumptions
3. The 2 modes of Thinking- fast & slow….
4. Inherent Simplicity
5. Lazy Thinking
6. Experience to Experience living

Possible/ Relevant Queries
1. How will I know that ‘Clear Thinking’ is working for me?
2. Could you pls suggest some additional guidelines & practices to become a purposeful, ‘aware & conscious’ Thinker….
3. What are some other key takeaways & application areas of Daniel Kahneman’ s work ‘Thinking, Fast & Slow’?

Deepak has a long professional career to his credit- the first  25 years in the corporate sector & the last 8 yrs as a private label business consultant.

He is an alumnus of IIT-Kanpur and IIM-Ahmedabad- both being the top schools in India in the respective areas of  Engineering & Management

The first phase of his corporate career was with MNCs - he began with Philips, followed by long stints with UniLever & Cadbury’s. This was followed with CXO & CEO level assignments with some well recognized family run companies in India 

He has held leadership responsibilities at the Director & Business Head levels at Cadbury’s, Dabur, Apollo Tyres,  LML, & Mayar India in that order.

He began his consulting practice in 2005 under the banner of his firm  Solutions.QED ….

Deepak leverages his extensive knowledge of the Indian marketplace, his expertise in sales, marketing & business leadership, & Theory of Constraints [TOC], in his consulting projects. It involves putting in place, a sound marketing strategy, related business processes & measurements and decisively exploiting the specific constraint that impedes the company’s performance.

In recent years, he has focused his business consulting to CXO-level guidance on transformation to mid-sized organizations on a retainer ship basis.

Inspired by TOC, his personal mission is to help people ‘think more clearly & rigorously ’. He sees ‘Thinking Clearly’ to be a vital access to effective business problem solving and a more fulfilled life.

He has been conducting training sessions for corporates on subjects of Strategy & Thinking To Potential.

 He has also recently received his certification as an Erickson Associate Coach.

He is a keen student of Vedanta (the essence of a life philosophy derived from the Indian ancient scriptures ) & an observer of human