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2017 TOCICO International Conference - Award Nominations

The TOCICO International Achievement Awards are prestigious, highly competitive and internationally recognized
affirmations of the significant achievements of an organization.

The TOCICO is accepting nominations for the three levels of the International Achievement Awards:

International Achievement Awards

Eligibility Requirements

The recipients of this award will have significant, sustainable performance improvement using TOC tools, philosophies and approaches over a minimum of three years.
Nominations can be made by the organization management or by the TOC consultant.
Organizations can be for-profit, for-purpose, government, etc.

In order to be considered for the award there must be a clear connectivity between the use of TOC tools, approach and methodologies and the outcomes achieved.

Eligibility Requirements

Nominees for the TOCICO “Ever-Flourishing” Award will have previously received the TOCICO International “POOGI” Award and shown sustainability of the criteria for a minimum of 5 years after receiving the 3 year award, or documentation of a minimum of 8 years of sustained TOC progress.

If the company has previously been awarded the TOCICO International “POOGI” Award or another TOCICO International Achievement Award (e.g. Gold Level for 3+ years of successful implementation):
Utilize the same guidelines and modify the submission information to show the continued Process of Ongoing Improvement over the additional five (5) years.

If the company has NOT been awarded the TOCICO International Achievement award:
Utilize the guidelines and extend the explanation to show documentation of a minimum of 8 years of successful, comprehensive implementation and service to the TOC Community.

The TOCICO International Achievement Award will be presented to the most deserving organization(s) representing the ideals and objectives of the TOC community. The winner(s) are expected to have upper management receive the award and provide a presentation to the TOCICO International Conference sharing their approach and results.

The TOCICO Awards Committee evaluates organizations based on the following criteria:


  1. Breakthrough, game changing, solutions illustrating the organization goal of ever-flourishing that
    develop a pathway or a model for others to emulate.
  2. Contributions to the TOC community (video presentations, whitepapers, public education, etc.)
  3. Broadness of the advances, not something that is applicable only in a very narrow industry sector.
  4. The organization should be highly ethical and compliant with the TOC moral code.
  5. The organization must have a sustained and verifiable record of improvement using TOC focused
    tools methodologies and approaches for a minimum period of three years or eight years based on the
    specific award nomination type.

TOCICO International Achievement Award Nomination Submission Guidelines

1. TOCICO International “POOGI” Award nominations will show sustained implementation for 3+ years of sustained TOC implementation and achievement.

2. TOCICO International “Ever-Flourishing” Award nominations will show sustained implementation for 8+ years of sustained TOC implementation and achievement.

Please submit the following information in PDF format:


1. Relation to Company: 

2. Name of Nominee:
Description of Company:

3. About the industry & situation prior to TOC implementation:

Provide a detailed description of the following:

a) Market related challenges:

b) Supply Chain & Manufacturing challenges:

c) Distribution challenges:

d) Etc. as applied to the organization or company being nominated.


4. A complete, detailed description of TOC Solution that was deployed:

a) The specific solution elements that were implemented:

b) Detailed description of the results Achieved:


5. Post TOC implementation:

Describe the following results that were achieved:
a) Breakthrough solution:

b) Problem:
c) Flawed Assumption:
d) Solution:


Individual Achievement Award

The recipient of the TOCICO Lifetime Achievement Award will have shown extensive historical involvement with TOC. Including but not limited to: Professional, education, implementations, applications and the development of the TOC Body if Knowledge (BOK).


Recipients if this award will have influenced the TOC world over an extended period of at least twenty (20) years.

Please submit your nomination in PDF form to include the following information:
Nominator Contact Information:
Name of Nominee:
Nominee Contact Information:

All nominations must include a detailed summary of the following Lifetime Achievement Award criteria


  1. Documentation of extensive historical involvement with TOC: Professional, education, implementations, applications, development of BOK…..How has this nominee influenced the TOC world over an extended period of time (20+ years)?
  2. TOC related publications: books, whitepapers, articles, journal articles…
  3. Conference Proceedings: TOCICO International Conference presentations, Workshops, Webinars, other TOC Conferences or Seminars
  4. Other significant contributions to the TOC Community:


If you have questions please contact

Submit your International Achievement, or Lifetime Achievement Award nomination PDF via this online submission link.

Deadline for submissions is April 21, 2017