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Sorting it out
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9/20/2011 at 3:46:52 AM GMT
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Sorting it out
Hi, I am looking for a little practical application help with the Thinking Process.  I am attempting to create my first evaporating cloud but I keep jumping to the conclusion so I don't think I am getting the whole picture.  Here is the story: I work as a Manufacturing Engineer and we are having an issue with a weldment.  The way I see it, the fixture can't compensate for variations in material.  If I make the goal= make good parts, necessary condition1= the fixture needs to be correct; necessary condition 2=material needs to perform correct; the prerequisites are then what?  I know I am making some huge assumptions in there but I don't know how to articulate the situation in the diagram...  Any suggestions?



9/20/2011 at 11:46:40 PM GMT
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Hello...It looks like there is not a lot of activity here but any help is appreciated...

10/18/2011 at 10:56:56 PM GMT
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Hi Robert,

From what you wrote, it isn't clear to me that there is a conflict.  You listed two necessary conditions for producing good parts, a good fixture and good materials.  That sounds reasonable.  Why can't you do both? 



11/5/2011 at 12:12:58 AM GMT
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Hi Grant,

Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate it. 

I guess the possible conflict comes from who is in charge, does the fixture or the welder have the final say in what is right?  So, maybe the way it is worded, there is no real conflict but there still seems to be a little friction about the issue. 

I can't expect the welder to make up for the fixtures shortcomings but I also can't accept the welders "tweaking" the fixture.

I have a feeling that this example will end with something like: just make sure the fixtures are right and there will be no problems...  The bigger question is whether I am constructing the cloud correctly of if there is another arrangement that gets closer to to the issue.

Thanks again Grant for replying.


11/9/2011 at 5:34:21 AM GMT
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Understanding the problem (Guidelines are included for your use)

1) Choose one existing issue from your area of responsibility.

      a) Something that irritates you the most;
      b) It adversely affects your ability to achieve goal
      c) It occurs frequently

2) Analyze it
    a) Write a brief description of your issue; make sure the description does not blame anyone.

I have written a brief from what I could understand – you may use this as a starting point. I have also taken the liberty to write it from the Welders’ perspective. You may use any participants’ perspective – and modify accordingly.

"For a correct weldment, we require the correct fixture, and we require material to perform correctly. However due to variations in material and/or fixture, sometimes we see some friction originating from incidences of an unacceptable weldment. In order the get the right weldment, the welders "tweak” the fixtures. b) Write a clear & concise definition of the Un-Desirable Effect (UDE) Frequently, there is friction between the welders and the people responsible for the fixtures. "

   b) Write down the UDE in the form of a conflict cloud by answering the following questions  (and my attempt at the answer)

         1. What need is hurt due to issue? - Correct weldment

         2. What actions are you forced to take? - Tweak the fixture

         3. What other need is at risk? - Harmonious relations

         4. What actions would you like to take? - Do not tweak the fixture

         5. What is the common objective? - Sustained good performance (or anything else)

You may want to put it in the five boxes format - just use the MS Word format that I used for easier editing.  (File attached)

Hope this helps. I would be happy to help more, if required.


Last edited Wednesday, November 9, 2011