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Thinking Processes
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Intra-TOC relationships 0 Y. Greenberg Hello, my primary understanding of TOC is from the book "Critical Chain".  Is there a fundamental connection between what seems to me as three different components of TOC:1) The Five Steps 2) The assertion that all conflict is the result of mistaken assumptions and 3) The thought process of using the question "why" to identify root issues?   
by Y. Greenberg
Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Sorting it out 4 R. Boston Workbook Understanding the problem (Guidelines are included for your use) 1) Choose one existing issue from your area of responsibility.       a) Something that irritates you the most;       b) It adversely affects your ability to achieve goal      c) It occurs frequently 2) Analyze it    a) Write a brief description of your issue; make sure the description does not blame anyone. I have written a brief from what I could understand – you may use this as a starting point. I have also taken the liberty to write it from the Welders’ perspective. You may use any participants’ perspective – and modify accordingly. "For a correct weldment, we require the correct fixture, and we require material to perform correctly. However due to variations in material and/or fixture, sometimes we see some friction originating from incidences of an unacceptable weldment. In order the get the right weldment, the welders "tweak” the fixtures. b) Write a clear & concise definition of the Un-Desirable Effect (UDE) Frequently, there is friction between the welders and the people responsible for the fixtures. "    b) Write down the UDE in the form of a conflict cloud by answering the following questions  (and my attempt at the answer)          1. What need is hurt due to issue? - Correct weldment          2. What actions are you forced to take? - Tweak the fixture          3. What other need is at risk? - Harmonious relations          4. What actions would you like to take? - Do not tweak the fixture          5. What is the common objective? - Sustained good performance (or anything else) You may want to put it in the five boxes format - just use the MS Word format that I used for easier editing.  (File attached) Hope this helps. I would be happy to help more, if required.  
by M. Agarwal
Wednesday, November 9, 2011