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2012 TOCICO International Conference - Speakers by Country


Humberto BaptistaThree Layers of Cause and Effect

Antonio BrasilTurning Project Portfolio Management in Aeronautical Engineering into a Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Commercial Aviation with Critical Chain

Eduardo MouraUsing TOC-TP as a Guide to Integrate Lean, Six Sigma, Process Management and TOC Solutions for Business Improvement


Paul Balmforth & Duncan PatrickImplementing Replenishment in a Hi-Tech Environment - a case of Teledyne DALSA - a long lead time, high mix, low volume and high variability situation


Matias Birrell - Flow Planning and Control for Non Dependent Resources Systems


Andres Hurtado, Julio Fiallos et. al.Standing on Eli Goldratt Shoulders Management attention to build the ever-flourishing state


Philip MarrisUsing TOC to boost Lean organizations


Kiran KothekarHaving presence in Exclusive Brand stores Vs placing products in Multibrand Outlets: Building on the Consumer Goods Strategy and Tactic tree for fashion goods companies.

Kiran Kothekar & Niranjan KirloskarLong Term Vs Short Term : How does a company on the path of Viable Vision focus on Capitalise and Sustain for the next Viable Vision?

Satyashri MohantyManaging New Product Development Projects in Auto Components Industry

Roei Raz & J. MuraliTitan Watches Case Study


Boaz Ronen & Dr. Eldad KollenscherParis' Arrow: An Enhancement of TOC for Dealing with the Achilles-Heel of a Competitor, a Customer or a Business Associates

Tomer Hevlin & Avihai Shnabel - Managing small buffers in a fashion retail store

Hadas SchragenheimSifting Information Out of the Data Ocean - Using the company's existing data in the buy-in process


Yuji KishiraHow people grow in TOC

Katsumi OzekiHow to dramatically improve TPS (Toyota Production System) flow line performance - 6 days 60% increase

Nami Sawai -  Flow of our visit:  How to accelerate our implementation during consultant absence


Darius Radkevicius & Dmytro Turlo - The path to improve the flow of goods in Retail. Based on life implementations within 5 FMCG chains (more then 100 shops and 10000 SKUs each).

Milda Rucinskaite - Implementing CCPM solution in Guaranty Fund of Department of Enterprise Bankruptcy Management

South Africa

Dr. Alan Barnard & Dr. Barry MorgensternLearning from experience: Why we should, why we don't, and how to do it


Mario Gil - System Boundaries

United Kingdom

Alex Knight - TOC in Healthcare: Broadening the Shoulders of our Giant

Roy StrattonBuffer Management in Context

United States

Henry Camp - Investing with TOC

Kristen Cox - TOC in Government: Challenges and Opportunities

James Cox & Timothy Robinson - The Use of TOC in a Medical Appointment Scheduling System for Family Practice

Mark de KiewietSolid gains throughout an Acute Hospital

Rick Denison - TA First then GAAP

Dr. Lisa Ferguson - Lessons Learned Writing Transformational Strategy and Tactic Trees

Kenneth Francis - Boyd Cycles, TOC and the Agile Organization

Sergey IvanovTemporal Dimension to Organizational Research: the Time-span Method of Discovering the Corporate DNA

Dee Jacob - Goldilocks and the Three Buffers (Project Management)

Kevin Kohls - The 7 Key Points for Designing Profitable Manufacturing Systems

Jared Price - CCPM maturity model

Michael Round - A Logical Crystal Ball - "Towards a Good Future,  Iteratively

Kathy Suerken, Yuji Kishira & Motoi Tobita - Standing on the Shoulders of TOC to Impact an ENTIRE NATION