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List of the 2013 TOCICO International Conference Videos

Below is a list of the 2013 TOCICO International Conference Presentations.  Please choose from this list to purchase individual 2013 conference videosPlease contact Jessica at for questions.

Arevalo, Javier-Load Control Focusing Sales

Baptista, Humberto-Five Fears & Human Potential

Baptista, Humberto-Three Layers of Logic

Barnard, Alan - Inventing Solutions with CMC

Barnard, Alan-Strategy & Tactics workshop

Belpaire, Eric-S&T of Local Organization with TOC

Bolton, Robert-"Mine to Market" Throughput Mining

Bonatsos, Spyros-Milk Run Replenishment in Cyprus

Brasil, Antonio-Turning the Invisible into Visible

Burkhard, Rudi - Die Supply Chain Losungen der TOC

Burkhard, Rudi-Take Risk out of Innovation

Chaudhari, Chandrashekhar-TOC in Animal Farming

Chim, Wai Kwong-CUSUM in CCPM Buffer Management

Cohen, Oded - Develop Local Operational Indicators

Cohen, Oded-Lessons Learned in MTA-DTA

Cox, Jim - What is the Theory of Constraints?

Fedurko, Jelena-Looking into UDE Clouds

Fondevila, Erica-The Role of SOPs in Viable Vision

Fox, Kevin-TOC to Improve State Government

Gilani, Ravi-System Productivity

Gilani, Ravi-TOC in Cash Constrained Organization

Goldratt, Rami – Retail the TOC Way

Hitomi, Mitsuo - Technology Breakthrough (keynote)

Holt, James-Managing Complex Organizations

Holt, James-Project Management basics workshop

Holt, James-Simplified Critical Chain PM

Holt, Steve-Complex Systems, TOC

Holt, Steve-Fire the Consultants

Humpert, Don-V.I.P. Mortgage Case Study

Hurtado, Andres-Increasing Flow in Customer World

Jacob, Dee-Buffer Management on its Ear

Jaeck, Pierre-Throughput Accounting

Jasinavicius, Nerius-plenary session

Kasichainula, Ramakrishna-CCPM Implementation

Keith, Mark-TOC-TP to Convert Operational Risk

Kishira, Yuji-Holistic Government Transformation Management

Knight, Alex-TOC in Service Sector

Lang, Lisa-5 Major Marketing Mistakes

Lenhartz, Christoph-Finanzen und Kennzahlen

Lenhartz, Christoph-Strategie & Taktik

Lenhartz, Christoph-Was ist TOC?

Mabin, Vicky-The TOC Thinking Processes (English)

Marris, Philip-TOC+Lean+Six Sigma

Masuda, Kazuto-Holistic Management in Pharmaceutical Company

Miller, Ken-Extreme Makeover: Government Edition

Milroy, Peter-The Honeymoon is Over

Mohanty, Satyashri-Managing outliers in distribution

Mordoch, Avraham-The Organizational Maturity Model

Mueller, Wolfram- Agile+Critical Chain = Agile Company

Naik, Rahul-Another Viable Vision from India

Newbold, Robert-Get Rid of Feeding Buffers

Nowak, Franz-Projekt und Multi-Prokect basics

Nowak, Hannah-The TOC Thinking Processes (Deutsch)

Ojeda, David-Decisive competitive Edge in Mexico

Pescara, Filippo-Link between S&T Trees and TP

Reiter, Shoshi-SRL using TOC Tools

Rendon, Alejandro-Give back Simplicity to Business

Roff-Marsh, Justin-Solving Prof. Services Dilemma

Ronen, Boaz-Introducing the "Superzouf”

Schragenheim&Mohanty- High Level Decision Making

Schragenheim, Eli-Learning from One Event

Sims, Chris-SAP and TOC: A Match Made in Heaven?

Sirias, Danilo-Strategy &Tactic trees using SWOT

Stenger, Frederic-IEE CCPM Implementation

Stratton, Roy-Buffer Management in Context

Stratton, Roy-DBR/SDBR/MTA/Replenishment

Stratton, Roy-TOC: Process of On-Going Improvement

Surace, Rocco-Finance & Measures workshop

Taylor, Bill-12 Questions TP Approach

Thompson, John-Depth on the Managerial Bench

Ujigawa, Koichi-New Buffer Approach for CCPM

Updegrove, David-Secrets of Critical Chain Success

Van der Zel, Kobus-TOC Saves Colovos Company

Walsh, Daniel-Critical Chain: Adding 3rd Dimension

Winiarek, Maciej-TOCfE Tools in Poland

Woeppel, Mark-ToC Tapped to Accelerate Cleanup

Zulecher, Kerstin-Sourcing, the Unresolved Issue