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TOC + LEAN + Six Sigma
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Start with Simplicity: (TOC + Lean + Six Sigma) (February 9 & 10)

Bob Fox
, Viable Vision LLC


Efforts to combine the three most widely used improvement methodologies (TOC+LEAN+SIX SIGMA) commonly known as TLS have at best a mixed record. Common complaints are that the results are less than promised, it cost more than expected, it took much longer than envisioned and it hasn’t proven to be a sustainable program. This proven two day workshop is geared to turn these negatives into positives. At the end of the workshop the attendees will have constructed a Throughput Operating Strategy (TOS) for their organization. The will understand how to use the TOS as the framework for driving demonstrable bottom line gains by capitalizing on TOC, Lean, Six Sigma and other improvement tools.

A series of exercises and logic will cause a shift in the perspective of the attendees, specifically they will come to realize that their organization:

  • Has a considerable amount of "hidden” capacity
  • Should focus on using this capacity to produce and sell more
  • That these additional sales have a much larger financial impact than expected
  • Is capable of strategically selecting a "Control Point” to manage this additional output
  • Can develop a Throughput Operating Strategy (TOS) that will be understood and accepted by the entire organization
  • Will use the TOS to better focus improvement activities and generate immediate results, reinforcing the organizations belief and confidence in this approach
  • Can effectively apply improvement tools from TOC, Lean, Six Sigma and other methods in a focused fashion – not every problem is a nail, so a hammer is not always the solution

In addition the attendees will understand and practice some proven techniques for creating change. This learning is particularly effective when an organization sends a team of attendees to the workshop.

The first half day of the workshop will be presented Socratically and will encompass both the rationale behind the existence of "hidden capacity”, the great leverage of Throughput, the logic of revising the five TOC steps to three and the simplicity of the TOS as an ongoing improvement framework. The next day and a half will allow the attendees to both practice developing a TOS for their own organization while concurrently applying proven change techniques to convince others to adopt such an approach.

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for the 2 & 4 Day
Intensive How-To Lab Series

Click here to REGISTER
for the 2 & 4 Day
Intensive How-To Lab Series

Click here to REGISTER
for the 2 & 4 Day
Intensive How-To Lab Series
(SUITE Room)

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