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Maximizing Profitability
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Maximizing Profitability the TOC Way (February 11 & 12)

"Dr. Lisa" Lang and Brad Stillahn, Science of Business

In this highly interactive lab, "Dr Lisa” Lang and Brad Stillahn will engage the group in discussion and hands-on participation to discover how to LEVERAGE their existing resources using the Theory of Constraints to maximize profitability.

Topics include:
  • A comprehensive overview of Theory of Constraints
  • How to make management decisions that are aligned with profitability goals
  • Using T/CU for pricing and other considerations
  • How to increase profitability by increasing capacity with no corresponding increase in expenses or capital investment
  • How a "Mafia Offer” allows this newly created capacity to be sold
  • How to restate traditional financials in Throughput Accounting terms
Participants will learn to make decisions and strategic plans that are aligned with maximizing profitability.

The value to participants will include:
  • A opportunity to discuss and identify their constraint
  • Improved understanding of how to leverage their constraint and existing resources to drive profitability
  • 4 metrics and 3 decision rules to make day-to-day and mix decisions that maximize profitability
  • How to have the biggest and quickest impact with their Lean and Six Sigma efforts
  • The guidelines and examples for creating a "Mafia Offer” – an offer that is so good your customers can’t refuse it and your competition can’t or won’t offer the same.
  • Each participant will restate THEIR financials in Throughput Accounting terms and practice making decisions to maximize profits.
Participants should bring current financials and the details for any projects or decisions being considered. If you are frustrated with your profit level and are tired of playing Whac-A-Mole, then this event is for you!

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for the 2 & 4 Day
Intensive How-To Lab Series

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for the 2 & 4 Day
Intensive How-To Lab Series

Click here to REGISTER
for the 2 & 4 Day
Intensive How-To Lab Series
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