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Welcome to the TOCICO Certified Expert and Alex Rogo Belt Program

Purpose and Vision for the Certification Process

To provide industry and individuals with an internationally recognized standard to assess their level of expertise in Theory of Constraints and demonstrate successful implementation results.

These results-based criteria for the new Alex Rogo Belt Levels essentially guarantee a company's return on investment in the development of their people and set it on a true path of continuous improvement in the original spirit of TOC.

Members' questions and implementation cases are answered and reviewed by our TOC experts to ensure uninterrupted learning along their development journey.

Certificates and belts are awarded at local TOC meetings. The greatest successes are showcased each year at local partner conferences and local winners advance to the annual TOCICO conference.

Click Here to purchase The Goal
(authors) Eliyahu Goldratt and Jeff Cox

Click on the belt level to view the criteria for earning each Belt.
You must begin with the Yellow Belt, then the Green Belt, followed by the Black Belt.

  • Fundamentals exam.
  • Application Certification exam in any of Supply Chain Logistics, Project Management, Thinking Processes, & Finance and Measurement.
  • Pay $275/yearly membership and $200 for each application exam.
  • Focusing Step 5 and Thinking Processes - Conflict Cloud.
  • Read It's Not Luck and watch "How To" video.
  • Do online conflict cloud training.
  • Take online test.
  • Submit case study of core conflict solved with minimum $5,000 improvement.
  • Pay $75 for belt and level 3 certificate of achievement.
  • Focusing Steps 3 & 4: Subordinate and Elevate the Constraint.
  • Read applicable how-to book (The Race/Critical Chain/Isn't It Obvious) and watch "How To" video.
  • Take online test.
  • Play dice game and present results to mentor.
  • Submit success case with minimum $1,000 improvement.
  • Pay $75 for belt and level 2 certificate of achievement.
  • Focusing Steps 1 & 2: Identify and Exploit the Constraint.
  • Read The Goal; watch "Intro" and "How To" videos.
  • Take online test and submit success case.
  • TOCICO assigns mentor.
  • Pay $95 annual membership fee (if you do not have one) and $75 for level 1 certificate of achievement and yellow belt.
 Please contact with any questions.  

Preview: Alex Rogo Yellow Belt