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TOCICO International Conference - PROGRAM

SPEAKERS (Bios/Abstracts)

July 16-19, 2017
Melia Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

 Deepak Sethi - Founder- Consultant, Solutions.QED
 Watch Deepak Sethi's Short Video Presentation

1.     My love & passion for the subject of ‘Thinking’ has its genesis in Eli's last seminal work "The Choice". I have been researching & internalizing the literature in this field for over 3 years now.

2.     What captured my attention & interest initially was that this ‘below par Thinking malaise’, as highlighted by Eli, applied to the intelligentsia…

The question that kept me fired was a simple one- why were people not ‘Thinking Clearly’ as per the vision & the benchmark set by Eli in ‘The Choice’...

In Eli’s own words in a 2010 interview to Clarke Ching [posted on the TOCICO site on 13th June], Eli makes a couple of important observations about The Choice:

 ”…I hope it will take a shorter time now, because in my eyes ‘The Choice’ is by far the most important book that I have ever written.”

 “My problem is that most people who have read ‘The Choice’ did not fully understand it.”

3.     I felt, along the way, that Eli’s views on Thinking Clearly, his tenets of Inherent simplicity & the other empowering assumptions covered in The Choice, are central & fundamental to the ‘Thinking Problem’ – but that there are other important reasons as well  that cause people’s  Thinking to be below par & below potential.

The Nobel Laureate, Daniel Kahneman  in his book, ‘Thinking, fast & slow, covers in details the following 2  significant & interesting aspects, that are extremely relevant to us :

a.     The way we are wired to Think …

b.     Our ‘lazy & bare minimum’ disposition for Thinking …

Both these factors provide us with an improved understanding on why we find it difficult to Think Clearly.

4.     My work so far, has yielded a ‘more composite & a more robust narrative’ on Thinking Clearly, which suitably incorporates Eli Goldratt’s  & Daniel Kahnemann’s tenets, besides some other important elements & perspectives on the subject of Thinking.

5.     I wish to present an important section of my updated work at the TOCICO 2017  Berlin conference under the title ‘What can You do to enhance Your Thinking Productivity’….


6.     The presentation will cover the following aspects:

a.     The critical role of Thinking in our lives..

b.     What is Thinking Clearly- How is it different from Thinking..

c.     Why don’t we Think Clearly…

d.     What are our Thinking Dynamics- The Daniel Kahnemann model of the fast & slow modes of Thinking  & its impact on Thinking Clearly…

e.     How to enhance our Thinking Productivity-guidelines, enabling practices & some mini-tools for it…

f.      Making Thinking Clearly ‘A way of life’- E2E Living…

Deepak has a long professional career to his credit- the first 27 years in the corporate sector & the last 12 years as an independent private label business consultant.

He is an alumnus of IIT-Kanpur and IIM-Ahmedabad- both being the top schools in India in the respective disciplines of Engineering & Management

The first phase of his corporate career was with MNCs - he began with Philips, followed by long stints with Unilever & Cadbury’s. This was followed with CXO & CEO level assignments with some well recognized family run companies in India 

He has held leadership responsibilities at the Director & Business Head levels at Cadbury’s, Dabur, Apollo Tyres,  LML, & Mayar India.

He began his consulting practice in 2005 under the banner of his firm Solutions.QED ….

Deepak leverages his extensive knowledge of the Indian marketplace, his expertise in sales, marketing & business leadership, & Theory of Constraints [TOC], in his consulting projects. It involves putting in place, a sound marketing strategy, related business processes & measurements and decisively exploiting the specific constraint that impedes the company’s performance to cause business transformation in mid-sized organizations.

He sees ‘Thinking Clearly & Rigorously’ to be a vital access to effective business problem solving and a more fulfilled life. He is extremely passionate about championing this cause & spreads the message of ‘Power of Clear Thinking’ through his training interventions for Corporates.

 He also has the certification as an Erickson Associate Coach.

He is a keen student of Vedanta (the essence of a life philosophy derived from the Indian ancient scriptures) & an observer of human behavior.

He spends a lot of time in walking, swimming, listening to music & movie watching on the big screen.