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TOCICO International Conference - PROGRAM

SPEAKERS (Bios/Abstracts)

July 16-19, 2017
Melia Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

Henry Fitzhugh Camp - Entrepreneur - Private Equity Fund / TOC


Managing Member of IDEA, LLC., TOC Equity Partners and Shippers Supply Company, Inc.

This workshop is a further development of work done by Ravi Gilani. I have created and added diagrams to show the flows and pools of money inherent to any company, for the non-accounting business person. These diagrams make the financial operation of any business visual.

Metrics drive implementation by guiding employees to work together in ways that cross barriers between silos and unleash the creativity of the workforce to seek the company's goal of making more and more money over time.

Since a small fraction (less than 1%) of companies continually increase their earnings, it must be the case that current metrics are ill suited for guiding employees.

Case studies will be provided as examples before participants actually create their own dashboards for use in their own company or any target company. These dashboards focus employee creativity on one piece of paper.

An outline will be provided to educate the employees and entice them into making a difference in the company.

Henry is a practical entrepreneur who has bought, started and run companies for over 30 years. All of his endeavors have been successful without a single business failure, despite many bumps in the road.

While studying at the University of Virginia, he started his first business, which spread to several other college campuses and multiple licensees. After earning a BA in Mathematics, he taught math for several years before starting work as a computer programmer for a small distributor. Over the next few years, he designed and programmed his own ERP system to improve the company’s operational effectiveness. After five years, he bought the company and still owns it today, having grown sales tenfold during that time. Profits for fiscal 2016 will be a record.

During this time, Mr. Camp developed 1) significant expertise in structuring a business to achieve its goals, 2) became an expert in administering and interpreting personality assessments in order to properly fit people to the necessary roles within a company’s structure and 3) learned about the different challenges during the predictable lifecycles of a business. Using these and his programming skills, he developed a warehouse management system (WMS) that achieved and maintained for years six sigma (6σ) inventory accuracy (error rates of 3.4 parts per million or 99.9966%).

A customer with over $4 billion in annual turnover implored Mr. Camp to manage their $70 million raw material inventories in 4 different countries. New software was created and deployed. Within months, IDEA’s five warehouses in four countries all demonstrated 6σ inventory accuracy. More importantly, the client’s shortages disappeared, which had previously delayed manufacturing plants from producing about a third of their planned production schedules. Moreover, the inventory required dropped to roughly $20 million. This spin off became IDEA, llc which Henry controls. IDEA has grown into six countries, added many new clients and will also produce record profits in 2016.

IDEA went on to add supply chain consulting, using software based on the Theory of Constraints (TOC) replenishment solution. By this time, Henry had formed a personal relationship with Eli Goldratt and his son Rami. A major client was adidas, who used IDEA’s Elucidate software to double their same store sales without increasing inventory or operating expenses. (For a 7 minute video on outcomes, click this link.) During this period, Henry became a recognized worldwide authority in TOC as it is applied to supply chains.<

Due to his belief in TOC, Henry decided to buy companies rather than consulting. Using profits earned from IDEA’s consulting business and personal funds as seed capital, Camp raised money to establish TOC Equity Partners. His private equity fund acquired four companies in three separate industries and has substantially improved each of them using TOC, Camp’s business operational expertise and Elucidate. This first crop of acquisitions is currently being positioned for sale at a dramatic profit.

Henry’s latest venture is as a founding member of TOC Global, a consortium of top Theory of Constraints experts from around the world. This group is now composed of over 25 experts from business owners to academics as well as consultants. Their common goal is to help the world discover and utilize TOC for the betterment of mankind.