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TOCICO International Conference - PROGRAM

SPEAKERS (Bios/Abstracts)

July 16-19, 2017
Melia Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

Hirofumi Dio - Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co,ltd - Corporate Planning Dept, Stragety group 
  Co-Presenter Takashi Kudo (Click to view Bio) - Senior Consultant, TOC Consulting Div., TOC Business Unit, Being Co., Ltd.

As we know, Japanese industry had got fatal damage due to the world war Ⅱ, terminated in 1945. But Japanese shipbuilding got experience of taking 1st place in the world at 1957 with some victory logic. This only 12 years growth from nothing must be miracle story. But now shipbuilding industry has lost world 1st place in 1999, and now the place is competed by subsequent countries. This history shows Japanese shipbuilding industry could get the decisive competitive edge very fast and lost this competitive before creating new decisive competitive edge based on the first one.

After publishing “The Goal”, which book was banned to translate in Japanese version by Dr. Eli Goldratt until 2001, there were some sporadic trial to implement TOC, for instance, Mitsui Shipbuilding company (presented in 2014 TOCICO conference by Mr. Doi) in Japanese Shipbuilding industry. However until now on, it does not become the main way of managing company. To realize Ever-flourishing Japanese shipbuilding industry, the industry should think the assumption of success as said “Inherently simplicity” by TOC’s 4 pillars. Yes, it’s time to make paradigm shift. This is quite big challenge. The big challenge shall not be realized by a few people or few companies. So the authors think it is important to collaborate with academy & industry, to create fast result.

What to change

The management assumption of company failed in de-profitable as economy trend in/to worse.

Find quite core thinking way, not method.

What to change to

The management assumption of company succeeded in profitable as any economy trend.

Find quite core thinking way, not method.

How to cause the change

Quite simple CRT (Current Reality Tree) shall be discussed with advanced knowledge resource (Academy region)  on success and failed company  under worse economy condition.

Then academy shall find the paradigm to be changed. Then academy shall be recognized what is issue to solve so as to realize new paradigm. The proposal by academy shall make influence to industry. This movement shall involve whole industry,  that means shipbuilding cluster.

Expected good effect

TP (Thinking process) shall make key person in shipbuilding industry including academy speed, quite much more than before. The influence of academy shall govern the large area of industry, which enable to make much higher speed development than done by one company operation.

Hiroshima Univ 1982: major in Naval architect .
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co,ltd .
Planning Coordination Dept, global co-operating project group.
He made success in implementing CCPM into shipdesign dev. In Chiba shipyard with Being Co.,ltd in 2012.
Now he started to survey holistic improvement on Japanese shipbuilding industries by TOC, with Professor Shinoda of Kyushu University from 2017.