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TOCICO International Conference - PROGRAM

SPEAKERS (Bios/Abstracts)

July 16-19, 2017
Melia Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

Manjusha Chaudhari - Electrical Engineer - Consultant in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Co-Presenter daughter Gayatri Chandrashekhar Chaudhari (also in the image)


When kids are growing, they start learning to like the things, love the things. The kids at such stage, if not given what they ask for, sometimes cry and emotional parents sometime end up giving what the kid is asking for. It doesn’t take too long for these kinds of behaviors to become habitual to get what they ask for, and parents are often stuck in conflict of whether to allow the child to enjoy what he wants or to say no and let him be unhappy or cry. Mostly parents end up with taking upper side of the conflict.

We faced similar conflicts with our daughter Gayatri (8 years old). We started building up a Conflict Resolution Diagram. Initially what looked difficult turned out to be very simple and easy to teach my daughter. More interesting is resolving the conflict; in most case she was the one to come up with some solutions to resolve conflicts. Since solutions are coming from my daughter, she is adhering to them as well.

Sometime to resolve a conflict, the Current Reality Tree or Future Reality Tree was needed. Teaching my daughter the cause and effect relationship was even simpler than teaching the clouds.
Using clouds or trees has become a part of our life. This is not only helping to resolve conflicts with my daughter, it’s also making her understand that whatever parents suggest her to do or not to do has logical reason and she respects it more now.

The content level of the workshop: Intermediate

The goals of the workshop:
1. Providing insights into use of TOC for kids across the globe
2. Teaching to the parents process to use TOC tools to resolve conflicts with kids

Objectives of the workshop:
1. Teaching participants to learn how to build Conflict Resolution Diagram with kids
2. Enable participants to learn the process for teaching kids to build Conflict Resolution Diagram and CRT/FRT
3. Introducing to a software which makes building clouds & trees fun for kids

Manjusha is an Electrical Engineer. In 2002 she was introduced to Theory of Constraints and she left behind the field of electrical engineering to make her career in TOC.

She is certified TOCICO expert in Operations and Supply Chain Management .

She worked with reputed companies in India like Godrej and Boyce, L & T for more than 10 years in TOC implementation in projects environment