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TOCICO International Conference - PROGRAM

SPEAKERS (Bios/Abstracts)

July 16-19, 2017
Melia Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

Namkee Chung - Professor, Dept. of Industrial Engineering Chonnam National University 

This presentation provides a way for corporate employees to train and develop their own personal leadership skills. It suggests ways of finding how to motivate themselves in the harsh environment of organizations, to develop their business skills, and to improve their own leadership. This is deployed as a practical learning tool, so that a worksheet is prepared for self-training. This worksheet is a customized one which reflects the individual's circumstances and characteristics.

A Cloud figuring the dilemma experienced by employees in their poor company environment serves eliciting three kinds of good ideas(injections) to resolve their leadership dilemma. You could practice each of the above three injections to understand and apply them yourself. To do this, I created a worksheet format designed with an implicit support of TOC-TP. This will allow you to assess your current level of leadership and to anticipate future levels of your personal leadership. 

Professor at Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Chonnam National Univ., South Korea

President of TOC Korea Association
Author of books (Korean); TOC Constraint Management (1999), TOC Golden Rule (2002), Performance 200% Up TOC (2005), TOC Inventory Management (2013)
Co-translator of “Necessary But Not Sufficient (Goldratt)”, “Smart Thinking (Khwa Choon Ean)”
Consultancy to companies in supply chain, project management, strategy & Tactics
N. Chung, Switching S&OP to MTA reduces the volatility of supply chain planning: A simulation experiment of production planning, TOCICO 2015 Conference Proceedings, 2015, Cape Town.
N. Chung, Production planning to reduce the volatility of Supply Chain Planning, Journal of the Korean Production and Operations Management Society, Vol.25 No.3(Aug. 2014)
N. Chung, TOC Inventory Management(ISBN 89-6866-024-7), Sigma Press, 2013, Seoul.
N. Chung, Lead time management in a machinery manufacturing company, TOCICO 2009 Conference Proceedings, 2009, Tokyo.