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TOCICO International Conference - PROGRAM

SPEAKERS (Bios/Abstracts)

July 16-19, 2017
Melia Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

Orion Avidan - Independent Consultant 
  Co-Presenter Amir Roggel (Click Here for Bio) - Israeli Innovation Leader - Entreprenuer  

Learning Objectives:
1. Clearly define “Want” and “Need” and discern between them.
2. Learn how to test “Want” and “Need” statements for proper meaning.
3. Obtain practical tools and experience to test diligently the terms for effective conflict

Expected Questions:

  1. Is this a cross lingual phenomenon?
  2. Why are we focusing on the Want-Need connection?
  3.  How are we supposed to put this new insight and knowledge into practice?

Workshop Outline:
We will start with a classification exercise fitting commonly used English words into their logical affiliation with “Need” and “Want”. We will then ollow by bringing up common phrases and uses
of these words to make the case that there is counter logical use of words. We will explore this phenomena in other languages with the session's participants. To demonstrate the impacts of these misconceptions we will claim there is an intergenerational feedback loop, where parents’ misuse of the terms creates children’ misconception and leads to communication problems. We will use a Hebrew children verse to show cross lingual effect and demonstrate how the conception of “what do I need” and “what do I want” is being misguided
from a very young age. A short demonstration of teenage rebellion as it is portrayed in popular culture will be analyzed to show the connection to the Need-Want misconceptions.We will present a hypothesis for the forum to explore scientifically. Our hypothesis is that people
in power can greatly reduce their conflict load by declaring that their wants are in fact needs to their subordinates. When parents, especially when children are at the preverbal and early verbal phases, come to depend on this tool, they create the basis for ongoing misunderstanding. we would like the workshop participants to help us explore this hypothesis and apply the scientific method, as taught by Goldratt, to refute it. To wrap up the session we will present a simple verbal test that can be used to generate a correct classification as practice or in real time situation where the tensions warn us that clear communication must be applied to reduce the friction and move conversation to a Win-Win mode. A few simple and fun games that help us train these skills, most aimed for young children with or without adult guidance will be presented for review.

Orion Avidan holds a B.Sc in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from Tel Aviv University. She has worked in a wide variety of organizations such as Intel, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov), an advertising agency for loyalty programs (CRM) and a high tech company in the B2B sector. A natural problem solver and communicator she is now focusing on marketing, marcom and Theory of Constraints. Orion is an independent consultant and is also devoting time for research in order to expand the available knowledge of TOC..