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TOCICO Bulgaria Workshops Conference Speakers
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2016 TOCICO 2-Day Workshops

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TOCICO 2-Day Presentations and Workshops Conference
Pravets Resort - Pravets, Bulgaria
June 8-9, 2016


Dean will present an implementation case study in a big factory, which produce men’s suits and jackets for more than 30 countries. The factory created a short lead time in MTM & MTO process by implementation of the DBR in an integrated supply chain which gives a significant result. Dean Manev has 10 years of experience in the Fashion business. He holds an MBA from the University of Rousse (Bulgaria) and Master degree in Marketing.

Dean Manev works as Sales Director in Richmart Ltd, operating on different markets in the Fashion Industry.

The Fashion clothing is a very dynamic business and nowadays to have a good quality and good price is not an advantage edge anymore. Every company must have good quality and competitive prices in order to survive on the market. The most important for Richmart is the quick response on the customers’ needs and for that reason MTM and MTO is the new fashion formula.

Dean Manev use TOC principles since 2012. He has been trained several times in Israel and visit last annual TOCICO conferences in Frankfurt /Germany/, Washington /USA/and Cape Town /South Africa/.
Dean Manev


This keynote presents a custom furniture producer that had very poor due date performance. This started to affect their reputation in the market and sales. Despite the drop in sales, due date performance was not improving. After reading "The Goal”, the CEO of the company decided to implement TOC in production and sales. In 3 months the company managed achieve almost perfect due date performance and increase the sales by 20%.

Founder and managing partner of "TOC sprendimai”. More than 15 years of TOC exposure, over 30 implementations, more than 100 companies trained.

Nerius Jasinavicius
Better Reliability and Shorter Project Lead Times

TOCICO certified. Projects are more and more a critical factor in business. Many companies sell products that are created through projects (e.g., machinery and special equipment, construction, software) or sell services (e.g., equipment maintenance, engineering, and healthcare). Other companies need projects to develop new products and other offerings to their market or to run mission critical departments.

Are your projects characterized by frequent firefighting, challenging or missed due dates, resource shortages heroics? Do projects often go from green to red overnight? Is team morale suffering? Could your organization flourish to new heights if this cycle were broken?
Lack of focus and an inability to manage uncertainty are two significant causes of delays, quality issues, excessive durations, and low team spirit. By addressing these root causes, critical chain project management (CCPM) techniques improve project speed, quality, on-time performance, and team morale.

Through a blend of lecture, discussion and experiential learning, this workshop introduces the TOC approach to project management. You will understand the key elements of the solution and gain first insights in how to introduce them in your company.

Numerous organizations from different industries and size, such as IBM, Lufthansa Technik, Siemens, have implemented CCPM and enjoy shorter and more reliable projects. Mazda Motors, the Japanese car manufacturer, credits CCPM with a recent, major company turnaround.


Christoph Lenhartz, MBA, Jonah, TOCICO-certified, Certified Consultant (bdvb), CDDP, is a Board Member and Past Chairman of TOCICO.

In over 20 years he has acquired a wide-ranging, international experience in industry, as a successful entrepreneur and also a leader of management consulting teams in high complexity TOC implementations. He has lead strategic, business transformation, supply chain management and IT projects and his expertise also includes post-merger integration of supply chain operations for major international groups.

One of the leading TOC and management experts in Europe he is the General Manager of Catena Strategies, a leading consultancy in operational excellence consulting based on TOC principles.He has published articles on TOC and management topics in journals such as "Quality Progress” and has translated and written books on TOC and management topics in German. He is an appreciated speaker and teacher of TOC and related topics.

Christoph holds an MBA from Clemson University (USA), he graduated from the University Essen (Germany) as a Diplom-Kaufmann and has pursued post-graduate studies at Washington State University (USA).
Christoph Lenhartz


The workshop TOC Thinking Processes gives an overview of major TOC logical tools and presents practical mechanics on working with the central logical instrument – the Cloud.

Participants will work through examples and cases that will help them

  • See which TOC tools are used in the process from identifying a problem to finding a solution
  • Learn how to present a dilemma, problem or conflict in the format of a logical conflict-resolution diagram – the Cloud
  • Learn how to identify assumptions that lead to creating and sustaining conflicts and dilemmas
  • Learn how to develop the solution on the basis of the Cloud
Ability to handle reasoning behind cause and effect allows people to gain a better understanding of the reality, to verbalize their intuition, to check the validity of the statements and to challenge the routine way of addressing and solving problems and dilemmas.

International Director TOC Strategic Solutions

Jelena Fedurko started working with TOC in 1999. She joined Goldratt Schools in 2005 as a TOC trainer and consultant. In 2007 Jelena became Goldratt Schools Regional Director for Russian Speaking Regions, and later also for Europe. She has been a member of teaching teams in a number of comprehensive TOC Programs: International TOC Expert Training Alex Rogo Program in Columbia, Man TOC Program in India-

Together with Oded Cohen, Jelena has developed and conducts the TOC Strategic Solutions programs in Russia and Europe. Among the countries where Jelena has worked teaching and providing TOC implementation support are Japan, Poland, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, India, China, Chili, Columbia and other countries.

Jelena is a Founder and Co-President of Theory Of Constraints Practitioners’ Alliance TOCPA – an international organization whose objective is to share the TOC experience with everybody who wants to learn and use TOC.

Jelena has authored several articles on TOC concepts and implementation, and gave presentations at several TOC conferences. She has also edited a number of TOC books. Jelena translated to Russian the Goldratt Satellite Program, the books The Goal, It’s Not Luck (The Goal-2), Critical Chain, and the TOC Insights.

Jelena is the author of several leading books on working with the central logical tools of TOC – TheCloud and the Strategy and Tactic Tree: Behind the Cloud – Enhancing logical thinking; Through Clouds to Solutions; Mistakes and Difficulties in Working with TOC Logical Tools; A Good Strategy and Tactic Tree.

Jelena graduated from Minsk State Institute of Foreign Languages (now Minsk State LinguisticUniversity) and got her MBA from Concordia International University Estonia.
Jelena Fedurko

The workshop Managing Supply Chain the TOC Way presents the TOC approach for managing supply chain with the purpose to achieve fast and smooth flow of inventory through the supply chain links. The TOC solution ensures high level of availability of goods with high inventory turns.

The participants of the workshop will:
  • Look into the differences between conventional inventory management models and TOC replenishment solution
  • Look into the problems of forecasting
  • Discuss importance of aggregation and aggregation point
  • Look at the patterns of consumption from the inventory management point of view
  • Learn the technique of sizing, establishing and adjusting stock buffers the TOC way
  • Look at mechanics of Buffer Management
  • Discuss various issues of applying the TOC replenishment concepts and techniques to inventory management in their environment
Look into mechanics of Make to Availability (MTA), Purchase to Availability (PTA), and Distribute to Availability (DTA)

International Director TOC Strategic Solutions.

Oded Cohen is one of the world’s well-known names in Theory of Constrains (TOC). He has over 30 years of experience in developing, teaching and implementing TOC methodology, solutions and implementation processes working directly with Dr. Goldratt all over the world in the organizations built by Eli Goldratt for developing and disseminating TOC – Creative Output, Goldratt Institute, Goldratt Schools. Among the countries to which Oded brings his expertise are the USA, Canada, Japan, India, China, the UK, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Columbia, Chile, Peru and many others.

Oded is an Industrial engineer with MSc. in Operations Research from the Israeli Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel. He was one of the developers of OPT – the logistical software for production scheduling, the TOC thinking processes and the TOC management skills. Oded has brought his expertise to educating a whole generation of TOC practitioners and implementers. He is known for his passion for working with people who love TOC.

Oded is a partner in Goldratt UK and since 2001 he has been a part of Goldratt Group as the International Director for Goldratt Schools. Oded plays a major role in developing and supporting TOC Application Experts and TOC Consultants who are given the knowledge and the practical know-how for implementing TOC solutions.

Oded is a Founder and Co-President of Theory Of Constraints Practitioners’ Alliance TOCPA – an international organization whose objective is to share the TOC experience with everybody who wants to learn and use TOC. Oded was a founding member and the first Chairman of Theory of Constraint International Certification organization TOCICO.

Oded, together with Domenico Lepore, wrote Deming & Goldratt: The Theory of Constraints and the System of Profound Knowledge – The Decalogue. The new full edition of Oded’s book Ever Improve – A Guide to Managing Production the TOC Way, published in June 2010, in addition to describing the Make-to-Order Solution, also includes two full new parts: the MTO implementation and a full description of Make-to-Availability Solution.

Oded Cohen

Using a variety of hands-on and thinking exercises, lecture, and discussion, this Theory of Constraints (TOC) Flow and Decision Making Using TOC workshop provides an understanding of TOC flow and focus concepts in a variety of environments beginning with operations. Topics include the TOC Focusing Steps, whether we are making the right decisions for the right reasons, as well as applying TOC concepts in more complex flows in supply chain and project management.

Kathy Austin is Chief Strategist at Focused Profit Strategies, LLC based in the Atlanta Georgia area, USA. Board Member TOCICO.

She and Gerry Kendall co-authored Advanced Multi-Project Management in 2012. In 1997, Kathy and Ted Hutchin co-authored Why It’s Not Luck. Kathy became a Jonah in 1989 and a Jonah’s Jonah in 1991.

For the past 25 years, since leaving the US Air Force, she has worked large and small Theory of Constrants-related implementations, both commercial and military, in the US and internationally in Production, Project Management, Supply Chain, Strategy, and Management Skills. Kathy is certified in all areas of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) Body of Knowledge (BOK) and has been a member of TOCICO since the first meeting in Atlanta. She is currently serving on the TOC-ICO Board of Directors.

Additionally, she has developed and taught multiple basic, expert, and licensee courses across the entire TOC BOK. Kathy is past vice-chair of the APICS CM-SIG and co-authored/edited (with Jim Cox) the APICS TOC series. She is also an ISCEA Certified Critical Chain Project Manager. In the past, Kathy has held various positions with the Avraham Y. Goldratt Institute (AGI) and has been Principal, APT Concepts as well as Director of Operations Continuous Improvement for Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Kathy Austin

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