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Transforming Business International Conference 2015
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TOCICO International Conference 2015
September 6-9, 2015 | Cape Town, South Africa

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Join us to learn and share how to apply the Theory of Constraints to Transform your self, an organization and even a country from Fragile to Robust to Anti-fragile

Join us, at the Westin Cape Town, for the 13th Annual TOCICO International conference being held from Sept. 6-9, 2015! At this exciting 4-day event choose from over 65 sessions presented by some of the World’s leading experts on how to use the Theory of Constraints and other continuous improvement methods as a basis for building Anti-fragile Organizations in Business.

What will you gain by attending the TOCICO International Conference? Here are some of the topics that will be presented and discussed!

Answering the Questions of Technology - Using the TP to Transform the Way Innovation is Managed

Technological development is a key driving force in human progress, yet there is still a big gap in our capability to manage it. Connecting Goldratt's "6 Questions of Technology" to the Thinking Processes creates a framework to support innovation management. This process is meant to allow managers to have better control over the process, give the R&D team better focus and reduce the overall time required to go to market and generate a positive ROI.

Presented by: ORION AVIDAN - Independent TOC Consultant, Israel, JEFF SCHRAEDER - Managing Director, Circles of Clarity, LLC, USA, CHRISTOPH LENHARZ - General Manager Catena Strategies, Germany, DAVID FRADIS - Serial Entrepreneur and Lean Startup mentor, Israel

Transforming the Competitive Bid Game – A Sub-Contractor’s Mafia Offer to a General Contractor

Winning work through the competitive bid process can be extremely difficult and frustrating and doubly so if you are a sub-contractor who gets their work through a winning bid with a contractor but only when that contractor also has the winning bid for the job. It is common in this environment for only one or two bids per ten prepared to result in winning a contract and for most bids to be lost by less than two percent of the total contract price. This presentation shares the analysis and presentation of a Woodworking Millwork sub-contractor’s Mafia Offer to a general contractor to create additional business to consume capacity revealed after implementing DBR and Critical Chain. The sub-contractor offered a discount on their portion of the bid sufficient to lower the general contractor’s total job bid by 1%-2% thus improving the general contractor’s odds of winning the job to over 90%.

DR. RUSS JOHNSON - Associate Professor, Washington State University




The Buy-In Process is Not Applicable for Most Important Decisions

The TOC Buy in process assumes people make decisions logically, that their logic follows a given sequence and that if we present a change to them in the same sequence they are likely to make a conscious choice to change. This may be very true for some decisions we make, however when considering the most important decisions we make in our lives, do we follow this sequence in making them? Did you ever encounter a purchase done and only after explained (like a new TV, car, and expensive gadget)? When it comes to important, high cost decisions we tend to desire and act, and search for logic only after, to be able to explain our urge to others (if required). Can we sell big ideas using this? Can we affect the emotion instead of the logic? Can we move from influencing a choice to, i.e. leading to a conscious choice "I will do that” (and we all know how difficult it is to still lead the change after that choice) to a desire "I want it” (and we all know that when we want something, desire it, we will do all we can to achieve it).

Partner, Tefan Management Group

Watch these short clips of some of the leading experts speaking at the conference regarding Transforming Business...

ORION AVIDAN- Answering the Questions of Technology - Using the TP to Transform the Way Innovation Is Managed and ORION AVIDAN - Leading a Buffered Life - How to Use Buffers to Transform Our Results

MICKEY GRANOT - Applying the distribution solution for achieving business growth in Fashion Retail

SUBASH AGRAWAL - Sailing Against the Tide. The JCB Implementation Case Study

PIERRE JAECK- Constraint as the Critical Resource for Transformation



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