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2016 Odyssey Workshop Registration
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Welcome to Odyssey Workshop Registration

Leesburg, Virginia
Located at the National Conference Center
September 17th - 9am-5:30pm

Presented by Dr. Alan Barnard
CEO, Goldratt Research Labs (USA)

2016 Odyssey Workshop September 17

When was the last time you invested a full day into analyzing your own life - looking at what you really want and how you can achieve it? The TOCICO and the Odyssey institute are collaborating to offer a 1-day Odyssey Program, presented by Dr. Alan Barnard on the 17th September, one day before the TOCICO 2016 International Conference

The Odyssey Program is aimed at helping attendees understand why we all sometimes resist changes that we probably know will be good for us, and/or make changes that end up being bad for us and our organizations; and how to prevent these avoidable decision mistakes on any problem or decision they are currently facing at work or at home.

The program follows five simple steps, using a simplified version of the Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes, designed specifically to help us overcome the five most common decision mistakes we make when dealing with chronic problems and/or stressful expectation gaps and conflicts at work and at home.

Past attendees say that the Odyssey program really does its name justice. It offers attendees a journey of personal discovery to help find and overcome their own bottleneck - the limiting assumptions that can block any of us from achieving more of our personal and professional goals.
2016 International Conference
September 18-21

If you would like to attend the TOCICO 2016 International Conference following the Odyssey Workshop click here for more information, program schedule and registration. Download the full conference brochure by clicking here.

Take this opportunity to gain full advantage of the biggest TOCICO event yet offering over 85 sessions and workshops! 

All-inclusive of room and dinner on September 16, 2016, all breaks, breakfast and lunch during the workshop. $500.

WORKSHOP ONLY: Include breaks and lunch. $415.

DRESS CODE: Business Casual
Arrival and Conference Check-In:

When you arrive at the National Conference Center you will need to check in at the front desk in the reception area. During check-in the front desk will provide you with your conference bag and a name badge that you must wear to enter the dining room.

50% of the proceeds from this workshop will be donated to the TOCICO.

Download a PDF of the Odyssey Brochure Now

Additional Information on the Odyssey Process
What can really limit us from improving our lives and organizations?

Dr. Eli Goldratt, the creator of Theory of Constraints and best selling author of THE GOAL, claimed that our scarcest resource – our bottleneck - is not lack of time or information or even money, but rather our limited attention. This is simply because the number of things that demand or could benefit from our attention – both at home and at work - will always exceed our available attention.

Unresolved problems, expectation gaps and conflicts at home and at work –issues that can hang over us like dark clouds - can really put a strain on our limited attention; negatively impacting our happiness, our harmony with others and our capacity to achieving those goals we really care about.

New research from fields such as Behavioral Economics and Positive Psychology, support Goldratt’s claim and have shown to what extent resolving stressful expectation gaps and conflicts with those we live with and work with can measurably increase our productivity at home and at work. As a result, more and more organizations are investing in providing their managers and employees with professional coaching support and training to better understand their own and other’s resistance to change and to help them to resolve their Change vs. Not Change conflicts at home and at work.

But what really block us from resolving such important issues and conflicts ourselves?

Well, whenever we make decisions about what to change in our lives or organizations and what not, we make assumptions. Some of these assumptions are very useful and help us make the right decisions and sometimes achieve what we thought was impossible. Some of our assumptions however, are not that useful. They can limit us from setting and achieving ambitious targets, cause us to get stuck and even cause us to repeat decision mistakes at work, at home and in our relationships.

To help someone solve their own stressful expectation gaps and conflicts, require a process that can help them identify and challenge such limiting assumptions themselves. The Odyssey Program provides managers and employees with just such a step-by-step process; a process that has been extensively field-tested around the globe over the past 5 years.

The process, developed by Dr. Alan Barnard for his PhD, builds upon the work of Dr. Eli Goldratt and other giants in the fields of Behavioral Economics and Positive Psychology. It is a simple, yet robust process that can help anyone find and challenge those FEW assumptions that can waste our own bottleneck – our limited attention – and in turn, enable us to find ways to improve our happiness, harmony and productivity at home and at work.

QUESTIONS? Contact the Program Facilitator, Dr. Alan Barnard at


In Collaboration with TOCICO