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Fundamentals Exam - iProctor Procedure

Instruction for Candidates


The iProctor on-line proctoring service is owned and operated by ISCEA – The International Supply Chain Education Alliance, with its World Headquarters in Beachwood, Ohio, USA.

Prescribed Learning for the exam
Completion of the learning program as prescribed by the training or certifying organization, ISCEA or other.

The Exam Process
Candidate must confirm the following to the Proctor prior to scheduling of the exam:

1. Receipt of this Instruction Sheet and agreement to the terms and conditions.

2. Acceptance of the On-line Exam Code of Conduct.

Candidate must provide a scanned copy of an acceptable photo ID to the Proctor prior to scheduling the On-line Exam.

System Requirement

  • Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Broad band high speed internet 1 MBPS or faster
  • Web cam Built-in or External

Candidate will be advised of the available exam schedule and once a mutually agreeable time and date is set up, a proctor will be assigned to the candidate for on-line proctoring of the exam. The candidate is required to use the Pre-Exam Sample Test 48 hours prior to the actual exam in order to test the system performance and Skype connectivity and confirm to the assigned proctor that their system is ready for the actual exam.

At the Appointed Time
The candidate should select a secluded place for taking the exam, where the exam can be taken without interruptions or distractions.

There are no scheduled breaks during the examination period. Any drinks, refreshments or snack should be pre-arranged on location in order to minimize disruption. Short breaks may be taken for personal needs with the consent of the proctor. The time thus spent will be counted towards the exam duration.

Summation of Exam Process:

1. Start the computer 10 minutes prior to the appointed time for the exam.

  • There should be no other application open at the time of logging in to the exam or during the exam. This includes MS Office (Word, PPT, XL), please shut down all other applications, only the on-line exam should be running during the entire course of the exam.

2. Establish contact with the proctor via Skype, using the web cam and chat box.

  • Make sure that there is proper lighting and the candidate’s image is clear.

3. The proctor will provide access ID via e-mail or Skype chat.

4. Use the ID to access the exam via link provided.

5. Log in to the exam portal and initiate the exam process.

6. Follow the instructions contained in the exam application.

7. When ready, begin the actual exam.

8. Complete the exam as prescribed in the instructions.

9. Sign off, bring the computer to its normal setting.

The proctor will assist the candidate with any administrative or system-related question. Any issues with exam content will be noted for follow-up and the candidate will be advised accordingly. In case an exam is aborted due to any reason beyond your control, including: internet connectivity issue, power failure or any urgent need, it may be rescheduled after a review of the circumstances.

Evaluation and Result

The exam is submitted to the certifying organization for evaluation. Candidates are contacted directly by the organization regarding the results and further processing.

Concerns and Disputes:
In case a candidate has any concern or dispute over the valuation or any other aspect of the exam, efforts will be made to the resolve the matter as equitably and promptly as possible. ISCEA’s decision will be considered final in such matters.