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Logistics Presentations & Videos
Below you will find links to logistics presentations from past TOCICO Conferences. All presentations have both a PDF and video format available for viewing.

The PDF presentation links are free to TOCICO members and feature the full presentation in pdf format.

Each video link takes you to the website to view a five minute clip of the presentation. Full presentation videos can be purchased on the website.  Each full presentation video is $9.00 USD.

If you have any questions about these presentations, or have difficulty viewing them, please contact us at

"Zero, One, Two Logistic Management (The Black Hole)" (PDF Presentation)

"Beyong MRP - The Case for Actively Synchronized Replenishment" (PDF Presentation)

"How Powerful is TOC Replenishment" (PDF Presentation)

"TOC in Vertically Integrated Supply Chains" (PDF Presentation)

"Introduction Presentation for the Supply Chain Track with the Relevant S&T Tree" (PDF Presentation)

"Supply Chain Synchronization" (PDF Presentation)

"Beyond MRP: How ASR (Actively Synchronized Replenishment) Solves the Material Synchronization Challenge" (PDF Presentation)

"The Finance of TOC Distribution" (PDF Presentation)

"Dealing with Seasonality in Distribution Environments" (PDF Presentation)

"Distribution: What the Insights don't tell you" (PDF Presentation)

"DBR in Multiple Distribution Centers" (PDF Presentation)

"TOC Based Solution for Logistics Centre Process Management" (PDF Presentation)

"TOC for Distribution: The Integrated Supply Chain" (PDF Presentation)

If you cannot view the videos or presentations, please contact us at