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Manufacturing Presentations & Videos
Below you will find links to manufacturing industry presentations from past TOCICO Conferences. All presentations have both a PDF and video format available for viewing.

The PDF presentation links are free to TOCICO members and feature the full presentation in pdf format.

Each video link takes you to the website to view a five minute clip of the presentation. Full presentation videos can be purchased on the website. Each full presentation video is $9.00 USD.

If you have any questions about these presentations, or have difficulty viewing them, please contact us at

"Two Sides of the Same Coin" (PDF Presentation)

"Lead time management in a machinery manufacturing company" (PDF Presentation)

"TOC and Drucker's Management Philosophy" (PDF Presentation)

"Example Introduction Hitachi Tool" (PDF Presentation)

"Procurement Innovation for Win-Win-Win" (PDF Presentation)

"Managing and Improving Coca-Cola Bottling in Brazil with TOC" (PDF Presentation)

"Creating Perfect Harmony: How to Solve the Discords of TOCLSS" (PDF Presentation)

"Socio-technical Systems" (PDF Presentation)

"Improving Coca-Cola Bottling in Brazil with TOC Flow Management" (PDF Presentation)

"Integrating Lean, TOC, Six Sigma and ERP: Tying them all Together" (PDF Presentation)

"Put the Tool Box Away: True TOCLSS Integration is the Answer" (PDF Presentation)

"Towards Operational Excellence: Applying TOC in a Global Manufacturing Organization" (PDF Presentation)

"TOC Case Study: Bedford Plastics" (PDF Presentation)

"Beyond MRP: How ASR Solves the Material Synchronization Challenge" (PDF Presentation)

"TLS Continuous Improvement Trio: Is it not time to think differently" (PDF Presentation)

"The application of CCPM to the design of large Commercial Aircraft at Boeing Commercial Airplanes" (PDF Presentation)

"TOC Case Study: Make to availability and beyond - Using market buffers and/or capacity buffers to enable both growth and stability" (PDF Presentation)

"Another method to run MTS & MTO Companies" (PDF Presentation)

"Generic Principles of TOC Flow Management & Traffic Management" (PDF Presentation)

"TRIZ for Jonahs" (PDF Presentation)

"Capturing Knowledge with the 'U' Shape" (PDF Presentation)

"Making TOC Distribution Work: The Story of a small company and mega brand" (PDF Presentation)

"Achieving Breakthrough sales at Prince Manufacturing Corporation" (PDF Presentation)

"Dynamic Buffer Management" (PDF Presentation NOT AVAILABLE)

"What's Really new in simplified DBR?" (PDF Presentation)

"TOC Journey at Dixie Iron Works" (PDF Presentation)

"Breaking Through a Sixty Year culture at LeTourneau, Inc Using TOC" (PDF Presentation)

"How to Systematically Tackle supply chain using TOC" (PDF Presentation)

"Operational Excellence" (PDF Presentation)

"Integration TOC with OR/MS Methods" (PDF Presentation)

"Integrating TOC with Lean and 6S" (PDF Presentation)

"Inherent Simplicity in Managing Job Shop" (PDF Presentation)

"Success through Simplicity at Soft Drink Bottler" (PDF Presentation)

"Integrating TOC Thinking Process with Six Sigma" (PDF Presentation)

"Lean Accounting and Throughput Accounting" (PDF Presentation)

"TOC Software Engineering Solution with Lean & Six Sigma Solution" (PDF Presentation)

"Increasing Cash for Manufacturing Organizations through TOC" (PDF Presentation)

"The 4x4" (PDF Presentation)

If you have trouble viewing the presentations or videos, please contact us at