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Sustainability: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice
2016 International Conference
Leesburg, VA - Located at the National Conference Center
September 18th - 21st

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All Industries

Bahadir Inozu - Ph.D. is a Co-Founder of NOVACES, LLC and SharpFocus, LLC.
Managing Constraints in the Entertainment Industry: Applications for Scripted and Unscripted Productions

The Pillars of TOC: Driving Quantum Improvement for Aerospace Giants - Part 1
Kevin Naya
- DirectorDevelopment Program ExcellenceThe Boeing Company
Part 1: Inherent Simplicity for Inherent Complexity at Boeing
The Pillars of TOC: Driving Quantum Improvement for Aerospace Giants - Part 2
Mark A. Williams
- Director of Material for Alaska Airlines
Part 2: Never Say I Know - Alaska Airlines’ Drive to Be Better Than Best

Dee Jacob - CEO, VelosCT
Starting and Managing a Retail Business – Transforming a business through TOC

Henry Camp - Entrepreneur - Private Equity Fund / TOC
Creating Naturally Motivating Environments (Without Bribery)

Javier Arevalo - Goldratt Consulting
Expanding our Paradigm about Resistance to Change

John Koehler - CEO, Eagle Cliffs Distillery
How to Create a Sustainable TOC Business Success

Kathy Austin - Chief Strategist Focused Profit Strategies, LLC
Transforming You into a Buy-In Champ – Part 2:
Incorporating CMC & S-TP

Kevin Fox - Managing Partner, Viable Vision
Toward Sustaining TOC: The Importance of Changing Institutional Decision Models

Michael Round - Founder, Center for Auto Socratic Excellence
Anecdotes and Anxiety: In Search of Logical Understanding in the Nutrition Industry

Michael Hannan - Founder and Principal Consultant, Fortezza Consulting
Universal Projects S&T Tree Based on Goal Impact

Nerius Jasinavicius - Founder and Managing Partner of "TOC SPRENDIMAI"
Adjusting TOC for Small Business (TOC light)

Richard Zultner - Adjunct Professor at the Wesley J. Howe School of Technology Management, at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey
Critical Chain: A Paradigm Shift for Project Management What is Necessary for a New Paradigm to become Common Practice?

Robert Newbold - CEO of ProChain Solutions
Re-Thinking Critical Chain Scheduling

Resistance Has No Layers

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Robin Clark - Founder of the QMT Group | Primary Simulation Instructor for Imagine That
Improving Performance in a Multi-Project Environment: A Systematic Approach to Resource Loading

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Sergey Ivanov - Associate Professor of Management at theSchool of Business and Public Administration, University of the District of Columbia
Before Transformation: What Must Come Before TOC, Management Diseases and Obstacles, W. Edwards Deming and Elliott Jaques

Joe Cooper - Project, program, and Portfolio Management Consultant at Allegient, LLC
Faster Projects, Delivered On-time With CCPM - Workshop

Michael Jungen - Service Provider for Organizational Development
TOC - A Change Constraint Buster?

Koichi Ujigawa - Being Co., LTD
How Agile CCPM enables us to Successfully Complete Challenging Projects for Major Upgrades of Existing Software Products, and Maintain 100% DDP for Years

Humberto Baptista - Vectis Solutions CEO
How to Enable True Human Growth Through HR

Miguel AbuhabMiguel Abuhab - Founder and Chairman NeoGrid
From Sell-In to Sell-Out and Beyond

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