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Sustainability: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice
2016 International Conference
Leesburg, VA - Located at the National Conference Center
September 18th - 21st

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Government and Public Sectors

Kristin Cox - Executive Director, Governor’s Office of Management and Budget (GOMB)
Eight Fundamentals for Scaling and Sustaining a TOC Effort Across State Government

Alfredo Mycue - Director of Business Transformation and Rapid Process Improvement at Texas Workforce Commission
Quality Throughput over Operational Expenses as the Primary Way to measure improvement and calculate ROI in Government

The TOC Transformation of Texas Workforce Commission:

Cultural Change and Breakthrough Results

Bahadir Inozu - Ph.D. is a Co-Founder of NOVACES, LLC and SharpFocus, LLC.
Managing Constraints for Agile Economic Development

David Villalobos - PhD Candidate of Management & Economics at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium
Development Economics From a Theory of Constraints Point of View

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John Angus - Utah Department of Technology Services
Utah State Government, Application Development: Increasing the Capacity to do Good Utah Department of Technology Services

Kirk Lambert - Supervisor with the Utah Department of Corrections
Front Loading Treatment and SupervisionLogan AP&P Pilot Project

Scott Ericson - Deputy Commissioner, Utah Department of Agriculture
Utah State Government, Invasive Species Eradication Program: A Pre-emptive Attack on New Invaders

Kevin Fox - Managing Partner, Viable Vision
Applications of TOC in Government Workshop

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