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Sustainability: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice
2016 International Conference
Leesburg, VA - Located at the National Conference Center
September 18th - 21st

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Mr. Seita Kanai - Representative Director and Chairman of the Board, Mazda Motor Corporation
Technology Breakthrough by Operation Breakthrough

The TOCICO International Process Of Ongoing Improvement "POOGI” Award (for 3+ years)
Co-Presenter, Mitsuo Hitomi - Managing Executive Officer, Mazda Motor Corporation
Co-Presenter, Akihiro Kidani - General Manager, MDI Project Office Mazda Motor Corporation

Niranjan Kirloskar - Managing Director of Fleetguard Filters Pvt Ltd
Fleetguard Filters Private Ltd.

The TOCICO International "Ever-Flourishing” Award (for 8+ years)
Co-Presenter, Sumit Sharma - Heads the Fleetguard After Market

Andy Watt - Founding member of TOCICO, the owner and driving force behind Goldratt UK
Why is Sustainability still a Significant Challenge in Successful TOC Implementations?

Ira Gilani Lal - TOC Consultant / Pharmaceuticals, Apparel, Retail, Communications and Technology Sectors
Quick Decision-Making in a Cash Constraint Situation

Jack Warchalowski - President, CMS Montera Inc.
Achieving Sustainable Competitive Advantage at Tecumseh

Jennifer Mcintosh - Coming Soon

Kaoru Watanabe - General Manager, Ex-Approach Department, IT Service Division, Hitachi Ltd.
Flow vs. Harmony: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice, Hitachi Experience to Overcome Resistance

Katsumi Ozeki - Partner of Goldratt Consulting
Removing Engines of Disharmony for People’s Growth - Sustainable Autonomy Management with Unprecedented Performance Improvement in TOC Way

Kevin Kohls - Continuous Improvement Director, Rex Materials Group
The "Bad Luck” TOC Obstacle – Management Churn

Kobus van der Zel - Founder of Global Turnarounds Inc., Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP)
TOC Rescues Swisher Hygiene (Nasdaq: SWSH) With Cash From Under Their Own Mattress

Watch a short 5 minute video now
Co-Presenter, Seamus Daley - Vice President of Manufacturing Swisher Hygiene

Takaaki Izumi - CEO SEIBAN Co., Ltd.
Education investment or Equipment Investment? How to Bring an Immediate and Sustainable Improvement
Co-Presenter - Masatomo Sasagawa - Project Director, Goldratt Consulting Japan

Matias Birrell - Project Director / Chili, Goldratt Consulting
How to Control the Flow of a Rigid Production Environment With Flexible Demand and Seasonality
Co-Presenter - Javier Arevalo Jimenez - Regional Director / Latin America, Goldratt Consulting

Namkee Chung - Professor, Dept. of Industrial Engineering Chonnam National University
An Integrated Design of Sales Pipeline Management for Sales Growth Sustainability

Rakesh Sinha - CEO, Global Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Information Technology at Godrej Consumer Products Limited
Godrej Consumer Products (GCPL) Growth Through Simplicity
Co Presenter, Radhakrishna Jagannath - Head - Supply Chain (International Business) Godrej Consumer Products Limited
Co Presenter, Chandrashekhar Chaudhari - Project Director - Goldratt Consulting

Satyashri Mohanty - Director, Vector Consulting Group
Vector on Managing Flow in Project Environments: New CCPM Models

Soumyajyoti Datta - Research Scholar at Indian Institute of Management Indore
The Modular Furniture Industry in India-Unplugged Through the Lens of TOC and Logical Thinking Process

Steve Holt - Associate Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company
Stay on the Red Curve by Making Your Own Products Obsolete

Takashi Kudo - Senior Consultant, TOC Consulting Div., TOC Business Unit, Being Co., Ltd.
Performing Fast Results’ POC in Toshiba Solutions Corporation

Co-Presenter, Masanori Tomoda - Chief Specialist of Platform Center, Platform Service Design Center
Co-Presenter, Yaniv Dinur - Founder and the Chairman of Progressive-Labs Ltd.

Erica Fondevila - Consultant for Goldratt Consulting in Latin America
"Sustaining Commitments to Our Clients”

Watch the short 5 minute video now

Patrick Duncan - Executive Vice President of CMS Montera Inc.
I Promise - Marrying Materials and Capacity to Determine Realistic Promise Dates
Co-Presenter, Pete Milroy - VP Consulting of CMS Montera Inc.

John Hudson - Practical, Independent TLS Consultant
TLS Provides Successful Sustainability Strategies and Tactics

Watch a short 5 minute video now
Co-Presenter, Pat Patterson - President and CEO Colortree Group (CTG)

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