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Sustainability: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice
2016 International Conference
Leesburg, VA - Located at the National Conference Center
September 18th - 21st

TOC Speakers and Abstracts by Industry

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- Healthcare
- Manufacturing
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- Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul
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- All Industries
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Keynotes and Special Sessions

Humberto Baptista - Vectis Solutions CEO
TOC for Education: A Logistical Approach

Dr. Alan Barnard - CEO, Goldratt Research Labs (USA)
The Evolution and Practical Application of a Simplified TOC Thinking Process - the Change Matrix Cloud Method

Watch the short 5 minute video now (This video also contains an outline of the Odyssey Workshop available September 17th )

Kristin Cox - Executive Director, Governor’s Office of Management and Budget (GOMB)
Eight Fundamentals for Scaling and Sustaining a TOC Effort Across State Government

Yuji Kishira - Partner, Goldratt Consulting
How to Learn the Lessons From the Failures in TOC Way - "Mystery Analysis" 7 Questions With a Case Study With Dr. Yamanaka, Nobel Prize Winner

Kiran Kothekar
Kiran Kothekar - Founding Director, Vector Consulting Group
Sustaining the TOC Culture: Management Styles for "Ever Flourishing” Companies

Justin Roff-Marsh - Founder Ballistix
The Death of Field Sales

Watch the short 5 minute video now

Boaz RonenBoaz Ronen - Professor of Technology Management, Tel Aviv University
Managing Non-Profit Organizations for Better Sustainability: the TOC Way

Lisa Scheinkopf - Partner Goldratt Consulting and Global Director, The Goldratt School
Standing on the Shoulders of Jonah

Amir SchragenheimEli Schragenheim - Founder and CEO, Inherent Simplicity
Managing under Uncertainty in the TOC Way

TOC in Environments that Differ from the Routine TOC Environments

Marketing the Value of TOC

Debra Smith - Constraints Management Group, USA
A Journey to Demand Driven Workshop

What’s New in Demand Driven?

Niranjan Kirloskar - Managing Director of Fleetguard Filters Pvt Ltd
Fleetguard Filters Private Ltd.

The TOCICO International "Ever-Flourishing” Award (for 8+ years)
Co-Presenter, Sumit Sharma - Heads the Fleetguard After Market

Seita Kanai - Representative Director and Chairman of the Board, Mazda Motor Corporation
Technology Breakthrough by Operation Breakthrough

The TOCICO International Process Of Ongoing Improvement "POOGI” Award (for 3+ years)
Co-Presenter, Mitsuo Hitomi - Managing Executive Officer, Mazda Motor Corporation
Co-Presenter, Akihiro Kidani - General Manager, MDI Project Office, Mazda Motor Corporation

The Pillars of TOC: Driving Quantum Improvement for Aerospace Giants - Part 1
Kevin Naya - DirectorDevelopment Program ExcellenceThe Boeing Company
Part 1: Inherent Simplicity for Inherent Complexity at Boeing

The Pillars of TOC: Driving Quantum Improvement for Aerospace Giants - Part 2
Mark A. Williams - Director of Material for Alaska Airlines
Part 2: Never Say I Know - Alaska Airlines’ Drive to Be Better Than Best

Sanjeev Gupta - Realization Technologies, Inc., USA
The Power of TOC: My Reflections

Deepak Sethi - Private Label Business Consultant
"Success without Stress"- using the "Power of Clear Thinking"

Watch the short 5 minute video now

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