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Sustainability: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice
2016 International Conference
Leesburg, VA - Located at the National Conference Center
September 18th - 21st

TOC Speakers and Abstracts by Industry

- Keynotes and Special Sessions
- Healthcare
- Manufacturing
- Distribution
- Engineer-to-Order
- Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul
- Government/Public
- All Industries
- Education
- Retail
- Finance
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Sponsorship Opportunities
The TOCICO invites you to invest in the TOCICO, and market and promote your business or organization worldwide, simultaneously through our sponsorship opportunities! We have sponsorships tailored to meet every level of support capability.

NOTHING compares to a TOCICO International Conference for upgrading your TOC knowledge, learning about new breakthroughs and ongoing successful TOC Implementations, for the fantastic networking opportunities for reconnecting with old friends and colleagues, and meeting new ones!

Just because you may not be able to attend should not stop you from being a valuable and visible part of the conference and the TOCICO! Check out our new, value added sponsorship packages and see the good they can do for you and for the TOCICO.

All sponsorships will have their logo displayed on all conference marketing materials including: at the conference venue and on the TOCICO in annual publications, and linked into pre and post conference Social Media Campaigns!

Here are just a few of the ways that your sponsorships for the 2016 Conference in Leesburg, VA will help the TOCICO:
  • Supports Ongoing Yearly Activities and helps the TOCICO Expand those activities
  • Supports FREE Webinars
  • Supports our 2 Day Intensive Labs Series.
  • Supports the Yearly International Conferences by giving us the capital to reserve great sites in advance!
  • Supports our ongoing efforts in bringing the certification exams to every corner of the world!
  • Supports future upgrading of the TOCICO website so every TOCICO member can gain greater value from the extensive archives of TOC Knowledge stored there!
TOC has changed most of your lives in very positive and often significant ways!

NOW is your chance to give financial support to the TOCICO and help us grow the worldwide reach and the positive effects of TOC on the world community!

Take a moment to look through and select one of these excellent sponsorship opportunities that will bring wide exposure to your organization!

THANK YOU & WELCOME! 2016 International Sponsors
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