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Sustainability: Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice
2016 International Conference
Leesburg, VA - National Conference Center

September 18th - 21st

Enhancing Airplane Availability

Pedro Costa - General Manager of Continuous Improvement and Processes, TAP Maintenance & Engineering

We will present a case study on applying Critical Chain Project Manager Management (CCPM) to aircraft C checks at TAP Maintenance & Engineering , and the lessons learn from using CCPM as a continues improvement process , on the embodying sharklets retrofit modifications at narrow body aircraft . Airplanes only generate revenue when they are flying and not during the necessary time for the aircraft maintenance. Reducing the downtime , known as Turnaround time (TAT), is a key factor for airlines, and therefore must be a strategic focus for Maintenance Repair Organization, MRO. We applied TOC/CCPM by focusing on the constrains in each phase of the C Check, so that we could improve the control over the critical chain , and handle, the inherent uncertainties that exit in any aircraft inspection. The key elements where the reduction in the amount of projects in work at any time , decreasing multitasking per project (aircraft inspection), defining clear priorities within the and across projects, implementing a full kitting process, using buffer management analysis and accountability of managers in optimizing available resources.

As a result of the implementation, the airline was able to improve fleet availability by reducing turnaround time for the heavy checks by 21%, where able to avoid the expenses of subcontracting part of their fleet to outside vendors, while revealing capacity for additional 3rd party work to enable revenue generation for Tap Portugal. In addition, in 2015 , TAP Portugal, got a innovation tax credit from the Portuguese Government of USD $ 1 million 261 thousand and 600 under dollars for implementation of CCPM and in 2016 we started embodied sharklets retrofit modifications to aircraft of TAP fleet and 3rd party.

Pedro Costa is the General Manager of Continuous Improvement and Processes Area at TAP Maintenance & Engineering.

With over of 23 years of professional experience at TAP Group, he has served in various technical areas, as specialist, project manager, and leadership positions with increase levels of responsibility.

Pedro is a Mechanical Engineer by Lisbon University, specialized in systems. In 2004, he earned is Master in Industrial Maintenance from Oporto University, and at 2011 he became Aeronautic Specialist (Equal to PHD) from IPL (Lisbon Polytechnic Institute)

In addition to his duties at TAP, he has been a lecturer in the Mechanic Department of ISEL (High Institute of Engineering of Lisbon) and ISEC (Higher Institute of Education and Sciences). Currently he teaches Heat Transfer, Aviation Maintenance Management and Aircraft Systems

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