Shoulders of Giants (SOG) Process

1. Identify a "giant", not a chupchick. Intuition will guide you - important enough subject for you.

2. Identify the enormity of the area not addressed by the giant. Reality gives the signals that so much more can be done. You are aiming for a broader, not a more confined, area than what was addressed by the giant.

3. Get on the giant's shoulders. Gain the historical perspective - understand the giant's solution better than he did.

4. Identify the conceptual difference between the reality that was improved so dramatically by the giant and the area untouched.

5. Identify the wrong assumption.

6. Conduct the full analysis to determine the core problem, solution, etc.

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The Dr. Eliyahu M Goldratt Foundation is a non-profit organization organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to fund fellowships and grants to innovate practical applications and broaden the advancement of knowledge of the Theory of Constraints (TOC). Dr. Goldratt’s life goal was to teach the world to think and to make TOC the main way to manage organizations.
The Foundation wants to increase the awareness of TOC potential, increase the credibility of the TOC processes and generate excitement about TOC through new, significant successes. The process of on-going improvement is best served when TOC extends its application into new domains, improves its implementation methods, simplifies its tools, widens its applicability, deepnds the understanding of TOC principles and applies its tools to achieve important social goals.

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