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2019 Conference Proceedings

Edy Nilton Donizetti Aparecido, Priscila de Souza Oliveira,
and Marcelo Tocci Moreiral - Embraer and TOC - A Journey of Achievements

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About this Conference Video: Embraer built a heritage out of challenging the impossible. The typical cycle of the development of a new Aviation Program is 7 to 9 years.The E2 Program is not only a new airplane, but also a new industrial architecture, a new supply chain, a new and more connected airplane for passengers, operations and maintenance, a new marketing plan and a new socioeconomic improvement enabler. The Theory of Constraints has been applied, making effective use of the Critical Chain. Deviations have been reported through a simple color code (green, yellow, and red). The bike race image has been used so everyone challenged to work a little bit faster and a buffer at the end of the Program accommodated unexpected delays. The Program Management team would focus all of its energy on supporting the last bikes (constraints) always using five steps focusing. The greatest achievement of the E190-E2 Program was proving that it is possible to deliver a new airliner two months ahead of a very challenging original schedule (5 years from Business Plan Approval/Program Launch to First Revenue Flight), on a very tight budget and better than the most competitive spec in its crossover jet category, with a mature entry into service..

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