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TOCICO 2020 Call for Speakers and Presentations


TOCICO International Conference ~ Paris ~ June 22-24, 2020

The Goal by Eli Goldratt was published in 1984 and went on to become an international best-seller, as well as leading to the creation of one of the top 3 business improvement methodologies used in the world today—the Theory of Constraints (TOC).

Large corporations like Amazon, Microsoft, Hitachi, General Motors, Boeing, Delta Airlines, Tata Steel and many more have used TOC principles to engineer a decisive competitive edge for themselves.  

The 2020 TOCICO International Conference is your chance to share your “20/20 Vision to a Pathway for Success” with the global TOC community. This year's conference will devote the first 2 days for business and corporate attendees with the third day focused on more advanced level knowledge for TOC practitioners and enthusiasts. This 3 day experience is open to all consultants, academics, corporations, students, and others interested in embracing the power of TOC and continuing on a path to “The Goal” and ultimate success!

Your submission may be based on and/or related to the experience of an individual, a team, a business unit, or an entire company. Submissions will be accepted for manufacturing and service sectors, including government and healthcare, for-profit and for-purpose organizations. We welcome submissions that describe every stage of your journey, from smaller-scale implementations to advanced strategies that are succeeding in the largest and most prominent companies in the world. 

Eli Goldratt stated that, "The best solutions start with the right questions…"
All submission abstracts and presentations must address the following questions structure:

Step 1: What to Change?
Step 2: What to Change to?
Step 3: How to cause the Change?

In addition to addressing Eli’s three change questions, each submission will include the following:

A) Why was there a need for change?
B) How do you measure, refocus, sustain and grow the change?

The TOCICO board invites submissions in the following formats: 
  • Presentations of application of TOC concepts to industry issues
  • Workshops in TOC concepts
  • Hyde Park presentations
  • Case studies presented by company personnel
  • New knowledge and research of theoretical and applied research in TOC concepts (presentation & related paper submission required)
  • Technology


1. All submissions must be in English.

2. All submissions must include an abstract per the following guidelines as well as those previously stated.

    • A full abstract of about 2 pages to describe the presentation content for use by the conference committee in the program selection process
    • A short summary of 200 words or less should be submitted for use in the conference program
    • A longer description of 500 words or less for use in the video conference proceedings
    • A list of at least 6 key words that will be used as part of the search component on the TOCICO website
3. The submission must include a short biography of the author(s) and a high resolution, color, digital picture.

4. All abstracts shall provide the following in addition to the abstracts:

    • Names and affiliations of all authors with the presenting author listed first
    • Title
    • 3 Learning objectives
    • 3 questions attendees might ask at the end of the presentation, speech or workshop to elaborate on the subject and improve understanding and transfer of ideas.

5. The author(s) agree to amend their submission based on feedback from the conference committee.

6. All authors must use the presentation PowerPoint template provided by TOCICO.

7. Selected speakers/presenters will be invited to submit a 2 to 3-minute overview of their presentation, and invitation to their session. The TOCICO will provide a PPT slide show template with instructions that will be used with a speaker voice over. We will work with presenters to record your session descriptions and invitation slide shows. Presenters who wish to develop a production level video clip outlining the content of their presentation and invitation to attend their session may do so on MP4 or Windows Media Player formats.

8. All authors must sign a copyright release form allowing the TOCICO to videotape the session and place it on the TOCICO website. The TOCICO reserves the right to withdraw submissions from the program if copyright release has not been granted. The copyright release will be included as part of the abstract submission process.

9. We want to stress that the purpose of all presentations at this event is not to sell or market your products directly but to share your valuable insights into new developments, integration and implementation experiences. Presentations, speeches, workshops shall not contain advertisement for companies, products, or services. Company logos are not to be added to the provided TOCICO presentation template.

  1. Submissions are due by March 15, 2020.
  2. Submission results will be notified by April 15, 2020.
  3. Initial Powerpoint PPT (draft) presentation is due by May 30, 2020 to be reviewed by the Conference Committee.
  4. Speakers/Presenters must inform the TOCICO of any software program needs by June 1, 2020.
  5. Final Powerpoint PPT presentation is due by June 15, 2020. This allows TOCICO sufficient time to make the presentations available to attendees for the conference.


There are exhibition opportunities and sponsorships available for marketing purposes. Please contact us at for more details!

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