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The Alex Rogo Belt Levels
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TOCICO is excited to request your participation developing a new TOC implementation expert system designed specifically for corporations and their people:

The Alex Rogo Belt Levels

For many years TOCICO’s certification program was at the Jonah level - only within reach of a few of your top talent, leaving most of your people without a practical development ladder during their TOC journey. More importantly, it was focused on testing TOC knowledge, not implementation skill.

Eli Goldratt stated many times that only about 3% of the millions who read The Goal and agreed that it was common sense, actually implemented it.




The Alex Rogo Belt Levels will:

  • Contain the minimum knowledge and video materials required to guide a person who has read The Goal to complete a TOC implementation using the five focusing steps.
  • Have interactive content to allow a manager to enter their implementation details to be guided as they progress through the five focusing steps.
  • Provide results based criteria for each step and set financial improvements which are simple to understand for people at all levels in your organization.

The end result is a program that guarantees a high level of return to the company for each Alex Rogo belt level your people achieve.

This is where we need your help!

We need you to submit links to videos and other content that helped you reach that “aha” moment during your past implementations. Send an email to with:

  1. The link to the content.
  2. The timing of the section you are proposing (Example: Start at 4:45 to 6:55) if you are submitting a video. 

We will send requests for submission of video content on the following timeline:

December 2018  Step 1: Identify the constraint
January 2019 Step 2: Exploit the constraint
February 2019 Step 3: Subordinate to the constraint
March 2019 Step 4: Elevate the constraint
April 2019 Step 5: Back to Step 1 and refocus (including market constraints)

Click here for a program overview and introduction video from past TOCICO Chairman Alex Knight.

We cannot do it without your help. Make a donation to forever be added to the list of founding donors for the Alex Rogo levels - and help more people experience the power of TOC.  

This program is part of TOCICO’s strategic direction to not only serve the top experts around the world (top of the pyramid), but also to be relevant to the mass market of all those who have read The Goal in the past (base of the pyramid) – and offer them the most effective TOC implementation guide possible – guaranteed to provide rapid growth of both ROI and development in their people. A true win-win.

Make sure to check back regularly to see updated content.