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TOCICO International Conference - PROGRAM

SPEAKERS (Bios/Abstracts)

July 16-19, 2017
Melia Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

Amir Schragenheim - Director of Customer Success at SiSense
  Co-Presenter, Eli Schragenheim (Click Here to view Bio) TOC Global
    Listen to a Short Overview of this Video Presentation

While it is pretty known that the concept of ‘cost-per-unit’ is flawed, the nature of the flaw and the possible implications of key decision making is not known.

The workshop would cover the basic flaw of the common cost accounting methods. Then the principles of T, I and OE would be presented and why they are superior performance measurements, and superior information for decision making.

Then the workshop would point to the current boundaries of the T, I and OE knowledge and the reason this simple method has not been spread.

Challenging some basic assumptions is required for coming to the critical new ability to rationally judge an idea by answering the question:

Would the propose idea increase the bottom-line or reduce it?

Proper answer to the question involves translating human intuition into a numerical range and coming up with the full range of reasonable financial results that constitute the best supporting information for the top management team.

Being able to quickly analyze almost any ‘crazy idea’ could open the door for many of the organization employees to feel free to suggest ideas. The outcome of such analysis, based on the best available information, is much better exploitation of the organization critical resources, leading to very high profitability.

This workshop offers the opportunity to understand T, I and OE, both the current knowledge and also the new developments in this field.

Amir Schragenheim is the founder of Inherent Simplicity - a TOC software company which is part of the Goldratt Group, is active in the TOC community for over 15 years. He now is the Director of Customer Success at SiSense. Amir has been involved deeply in knowledge developments in TOC and is considered to be one of the world experts in Production, Distribution & Retail for TOC implementations and has been recognized as such by the late Dr. Eli Goldratt himself. Amir developed several computerized TOC educational and simulation tools along with Eli Schragenheim. Amir participated in analyzing the solution and developed the software for TOC implementations in the healthcare industry including A&E and Operation Theatres. Amir holds an MBA from Tel-Aviv University Magna Cum Laude.